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Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Morning Read: 20 Things You Probably Don't Know

I actually don't know these facts either! 

But how trustable are these facts? 

I have no ideas, too. But, how do I get to know these? 


Reading is always fun, though. Just read and keep enlarging your knowledge. Don't die, knowing less things. Reading doesn't cost much. 

So, today I got up, like, at 4 am while the dawn was setting its foot into the sky. Well, I think I have reasons now to start getting up early. Well, more contents on that in the next post and it is almost 2014 and I need to do something, something really something. 

The fact is I had to finish some work and, apart from that, do some morning reading, which I believe is good for myself. 

When it comes to reading, it's crazy. I just feel like: ain't nobody have time for that? Yet, it is a piercing truth that reading is good for one. 

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A Strange Dream Before Christmas Day

I was teaching as usual, except for a fact that I left my Nokia 1280  almost battery-less at my desk. The day was quite hectic and I didn't re-fill the battery until the night. Not until the morning, to be exact. 

"Low battery," a sign popped up. It seemed like it would have wanted to say, "Refill me, A-hole." 

As I finished my dinner, I ascended into my room, lounging around at my desk and reading online. 

Everything seemed to be about Christmas, huh. Then, I realized tonight was the Christmas eve. I am a Cambodian, though. I did thought of sending anonymous gift, honestly. The thought was not strong enough, yet. 

I couldn't find the charger. As the night went darker, my eyes turned wary and I had no choice but to lay my laptop down and brisk myself to bed. 

Something happened in the morning. Something shocking! 

Sunday, November 17, 2013

10 Motivating Songs To Resurrect A Crumbled Soul

I don't know and plan this. Things, bad things, still come along. Applause for them!

I have been so busy and puffed lately. Knowing that stress would come along anytime, I make myself an affirming resolution that if stress and bad things poof up and  no matter how big they are I gotta refresh myself. 

Like expected, things crush bad, putting in me a bad contagious mood. Don't temp me; I could eat a human at the moment, heh! 

Bad day, though, not bad life!

Of all the worse happenages (new coined word meaning: things that happen; synonym to "occurrence"), I hate the most is dealing with fellow human beings who.....well, let's just say my rules and theirs didn't get along and who want to play me like a kid (wrong person, dude!)

Friday, November 15, 2013

50 Random Things To Do Before You Die

Some call and compile it into a wish-list. A bucket list, a more widely-referred term. 

It's no strange that respective us have wants and needs and ambitions. Some disguise their greed in as ambitions. 

So what do you want to do before you die? Learn a third or fourth language? Sunset seeing with your beloved one? Visit all the magnificent wonders of the world? 

I think the following things should be typicals in our respective list, though it only reflects my thoughts. 

And, though these things come from my thoughts, it doesn't necessarily mean I will do all of them. 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

It's Time to Move On

Let's make a deal first. This piece is wholly  purposed up to inspire some to move on. 

We all want a happy life, right? Yet, life keeps going wrong? Doubts? Research is still in progress for that. If only there were "happy life" at the market! 

Let's get real, yet! 

You see, we enjoyed many years of being carefree souls, during which we ran and played joyously without caring how badly flunking the economy is and how tortoise-step the world is going to be a greed-lead place to live in. Times fly and we grow up to a stage that we learn to socialize and love. In between, not all of everything we all want want us back. Some, we get while some others, we don't get. (This mother-of-grammar structure, is too classified, huh!) 

Monday, November 4, 2013

Too Many Awesome Movies This Year, 2013

To trace back, I'm not raised up rich and spoiled and life has just been normal.  That is, not having modern things, gizmos, and lifestyles okays for me. Life was once simple and, somehow, the fact that that simplicity goes on in this globalized and computerized world doesn't quite scratch me itchy a lot. 

That stated ain't means I'm just an old style, not adapting any changes necessary in this little world. Well, somewhat, I prefer things done in my ways even if they are quite different (and weirder) from others. 

One thing I might have done different from others might be the ways I watch movies. 

If you are a frequent visitor to my blog, you probably have learnt that I like watching movies and the way I spend time on movies is different. Well, while my friends who are "rich", I'm either "impatient" or "patient". Most of the time, semi-patient or fully patient. 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Tougher Journey Ahead

When most of my friends ask, either on social media sites or in persons,  what I am doing right now, I simply joke around with "I'm a motor-taxi driver". 

Actually, I am teaching. 

To talk about education in Cambodia, I'm in no feelings but in a blender  full of shame and doubts. And, I metaphorically choke at how "urgent improvements needed" the system should be lifted up.  It hurts, like a lot, to face that education in Cambodia is "not so good". There are quite many a problems in the system, which I and many other Cambodians   disgrace. In a picture, poor students ain't having enough financial support and access to tertiary education. And, that cycle is cycle. It sucks, really. 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Rayuth's Sapoun-Midada Letter to Veronica


Do you find the following dates and places familiar? 

2006, December, Mondial Center, Building C, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

2007, February, 5: 45 PM, Royal University of Phnom Penh, Cambodia.'
2009, March, Sovanna Shopping Center, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

2 sweet years and later more different years.  

I hope you've been doing good and happy. Of course, you do. 

Back then, I was Nicholas Spark's reader. A huge one! After you left, I liked Sapoun Midada more. You inspired that, you know. 

The above openings ain't nothing of the gists. The following are, Veronica. I don't know if this letter will ever reach you or you will ever peruse through it. I have no ideas. We actually made it clear that day we no longer authorize the mutual rights to care any longer. Thank us we didn't ban writing that day.  

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

How Much Does The World Care? A Lot and A Bit!

Or, not even a dime and a shit!

Yeah, how much does the world care about a single thing in this world? The amount of care shall be surprisingly unclear. It depends on what things are being watched, talked and concerned. 

The I-don't-understand amount of care on respective things might also seed many whies in your head.
The final Champion League match will sure lure streaming amounts of care and attention from people around the world and the world itself. Unlikely, "rape" in one specific area of the world, say India, might not be well and enough heard and talked of, though CNN, BBC or others big news bodies unveil it. 

Saturday, August 17, 2013

7 Indie Not-to-miss Cambodian Blogs

Photo from:
If you go to the dictionary, any, and look up for the word "indie", you will learn that this word is used to describe singers, bands, movie or songs. An indie song, singer, band and movie refer to that that is not affiliated or doesn't belong to any major companies. In other words, an indie album, movie, singer or band has little fund and resources for using in the production. 

But, how is this indie definition thingy related to this post title? 

Good question indeed! 

When it comes to blogging or web-designing, there are lots of, if not some, good sites and web out there that you can really read and benefit from. 

Most of them depicts great design, using various creative codes and tucking in with various I-want-this-also-on-my-site/blog gadgets. They look professionally attractive, in short. 

Yet the internet world don't neglect bloggers, those geeks who believe they have something to share or want to own a site where they can pin down their thoughts. 

Friday, July 12, 2013

A 4-Minute Inspiration: A Piece of Chalk and An Infograpah

This gonna be a post in which I don't write much.

Check out the movie and feel the inspiration. 

Nice day to you all. That's life. The pic say it all.

Original: See the inforgraph

Something is going on and so does life.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Can The Break-up Re-unite?

Can they, really? And literally? 

It's either over or not over! It depends. On? I don't know. 

One insists and begs while another doesn't even care if the love has not been finished. 

The heart still yearn, hungrily, for the re-unison! The shadows of love still come and go. The brain won't listen. Is there any ways they can be back together? 

Have you ever missed me for the droning time? 

I don't know; well, just to share you guys this melodious song from Zono.  Well, almost for a month this songs has been in my playlist.  

Sunday, June 30, 2013

June 2013 Mini: 5 Songs That Make Life Less Miserable

June 2013 is not so good for me. Busy like heaven! To be honest, my life experiences another scattering mess. 

Bad things happened; yet life goes on. It's true with this: bad days, not bad life. 

You see, if not without technologically-smoothed entertainment, we would have dumped our head in the sand to just release stress that come in daily, like non-stoppedly. 

As for me, music is still the best remedy to cure stress and cut depression. Bored? Well, music on and the world is off. Relaxing will be on. 

Saturday, June 29, 2013

100 Sparking Motivational Life Quotes


Still is about life for the whole life, huh; if not for life, respectively, we could not be breathing now; seriously! 

So I'm posting this one, feeling normal. A post you may wanna read. 

Crazy, huh? Nope, just to share some 100 quotes of life that motivate and inspire. Motivation and inspiration don't last, my friends, so it's of good advice to recycle inspiration and motivation as depression and obstacles are hovering around us without any traceable shadows. 

Life's on and off; LOL, I'm not in the mood right now to philosophize about life. I have had enough and when it comes to life again, well, I'm a kind that "I don't know", not because I don't really know but because I don't want to talk about that. That case, people, action speak louder than words. 

Monday, June 10, 2013

9 Awesome Off-the-hook Messages

First of all, this is not my original writing. I once saw this on the net; from a Facebook page, if I remember well. Well, this is a featured post, sharing the following 9 messages that will put a smile on your lips and teach you something. 

Photo: Edited. Original @   

Thursday, June 6, 2013

9 Things I Like About Blogging

Finally I've found ways back into blogging. There are more boring stuffs to deal with then. I know so because I've met and seen and done so. 

When I first started to sign up for a blog, this blog, in 2010, I thought many pessimistic thoughts, something like: "Dude, you know nothing about blogging!", "No one will read your damn blog and piece of writing." and etc. Worse, I found out this: it's not all about blogging and writing out and up your opinions--which I could deal since I can write--blogging is about blog designing too. The truth of which is that I can't write and speak any coding language. Not even a tag. Blogging doesn't stop, though. 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

5 Things I Miss About AL

The hell is AL, Js? 

Bubble a guess, what about?

It has been almost for a year I haven't touched this AL things and it bores me to a moderate extent since I once was this fist-sized interested in this AL. You know, one doesn't simply let go easily of things he was once enthusiastic in. Not even to think of it once in a while. 

If you are a linguistic student, you might have heard of this AL, a fine tough subject that is both boring and entertaining to study. 

Friday, May 31, 2013

10 Songs That Make May 2013 Smile

May will take off soon and June will come; so why not cool down with some music, huh? The following list down what I've been listening to in the month. Maybe you wanna browse and see and give a shit. 

FYI, I listen to all kind of music (as long as they catch my ears and mind, that's it) so there are various songs here: Khmer, Kpop, and western. I don't want to bore you more about me so, well, let's browse the list. 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

15 Things About I When It Comes to Movie-watching

Movies and I are related, I guess. Back into my childhood and grown-up life, though I didn't watch too much movie, I enjoyed some cartoons--a kind of movie, I call it-- that were aired by then Cambodia TV channels and several Thai movies, especially one about ghosts and witches, that were then popular among Cambodians. Averagely, I spent only less than 2 hours a day for movie and TV things. FYI, then, during the 90s the only access I had to movies was through TV; no internet and going to the cinema. Things grew a bit when I turned teenager. Though I started to engage less on TV and on movie as most of the time was spent outside the house, I still found time for  movies, if any available, at night time via TV. Then, there were ancient-Chinese and Singaporean movies.  

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

In This World I Love Only YOU: A Song

The time does its tasks, droning forward, leaving me in a loneliness box and every day I smile, which doesn't mean I'm not facing problem and are there people out there who know I'm missing her? Any? I'm now like, physically, a battery-less watch; well, just only the outside body and the mind blown away; and the tears from my eyes yield and descend and I'm nostalgic and missing hard the song, the song we two used to sing with one another. 

Friday, May 17, 2013

Why do I still use Facebook?

Back then in 2009, some friends suggested I create a Facebook account. Well, I insisted and they too insisted and, finally, I got myself one without fully well knowing what the h Facebook is and how it works. 

Time passed and I learned and grew somehow addicted to the used-by-millions networking site. I mean, for example, when, at night, all of your friends are there, writing statuses and chatting; tempted enough! 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

8-dollar Engagement Ring

Let's just imagine this situation: your boyfriend propose to you with this 8-dollar engagement ring.....

So the ring costs 8-dollar; he's not that thrifty yet that's just what he can afford and he is showing firmness that he's muscularly ready to fight for the future ahead no matter what. He gets a steady job that generate moderate income for the daily living. On the other side stands a man, a kind-of-rich one, introduced by a reverent relative, who is more financially reliable. Physical and emotional reliability and dependence of you on your boyfriend sparks an out-weight compared to those of that man standing offering. 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Tribute to Sir Alex: Some Pics and Words

Let's just first of all throw, gently, a big congratulation to the Red for clenching another BPL title. There are many legends to really be grateful for and appreciate! Glory the Red! 

In the previous related post I, um, thrust out my feelings and appreciations toward the Red, the "Simply the Best" manager and his retirement from the football world. Still, now, I wanna see him continue for a few more years. Hmm, the boss knows what he's doing, anyway. 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Sentimental Question, Doubt, and Analysis...

The sea shines, the wave wings, comes and goes, the beach flaunts, the wind shoves, the beach organism rust still....and the sun rises and goes. 

Times really fly yet their wings have never been literally seen or captured. People live and curse; some miss and some are missed! Some others live with doubts while another some live in framed indignance. That's, yet again, life. 

Someone is still waiting while another is already gone. Keep clinging and doubting; the one gone will never be back. Or perhaps s/he will be a thousand years maybe. 

Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Poem for My Amazing Mother

When I first opened my eyes to the world
I saw a lady who sat smiling with a murmur
And long enough I doubted who she was
Finally, after I have discovered
She is my greatly amazing mother

She was my birth-giver

A great caretaker
And undoubtedly a forever timely lover
She is also a strong supporter
A firm believer in shaping my character

Friday, May 10, 2013

Legend, Off the Field....

The unexpected just happened;  The meaning of the "Hope for the best; expect the worse." is now literally flying in. LOL, keep reading, people! :p        

I just can't still believe my ears and rely upon my eyes. He's to be off; perhaps it's time to relax. Personally, yet, I still wanna see him lead and rock. The legend will be apart and there will be not much of him to be heard of---well, at least not like the time he rocked. Yet, surely, there is much of him to be remembered. 

The previous day I was writing a post titled Legend, Back in Business and now another post concerning the legend. Not the same legend, people. Another legend whose masterpieces can't be pieced off and ignored. Well, one may either hate him (because he hurt your favorite team) or label him a cheat, but you can't well ignore and deny the fact that he's a legend who has changed and influenced the football world. 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Legend, Back in Business!

I actually miss him. Quite a lot! Not that "miss" but, well, I just wanna see him back in business, just like in his past time. His voice and legency! His self-composed music that incorporates his lyrical love life with well-crafted lyric. I miss the above album; the songs, actually. Believe me or not (it's your choice), I can still hum and mouth out most of his songs. I listen more, though. That, anyway, doesn't mean I'm too cooed-up on him. Just a singer than whom I happen to outlike other singers in town. 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Happy Birthday to You, Bro!

The sun was scorching, bathing us, upper-naked, soaked with sweat. The dust might have flown in our nostrils and our skins must have been buffalo's. Still, we ran and hopped and played! That's some 15 years ago.

We galloped around and went  scavenging things around the neighborhood and we get tired and dirty; our mum lectured.....sometimes along with hits. That's cute, still. :)

We argued, yelled, fought, cheated and collapsed, yet the bond still live and breath........eternally forever.

And, now we smile and shoulder up and live. :)

Happy birthday to you, my man. Best wishes, bro! :P

The whole family (and world) know you're genius and, well, you are. Keep being the genius, bro. 

Happy birthday to you, my bro. 
Genius you are and the world treasure that truth.
Wish you all the best things in the world. 
Keep up your good works and spirits too. 

Happy birthday to you, my bro. 
And may Buddha bless you.
will all his sacred blessings. 
And, I hope you soar higher through. 

Happy birthday to you, my bro. 
And, you know what, you're awesome through.
And, please, keep playing that awesome. 
You'll be great.....great and we trust YOU. 


PS. I miss us playing things in the childhood. And, don't forget to do your homework.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Perfect Boyfriend.....

Ladies are to be well treated and taken care of, swings a saying. True. For example, your beloved girlfriend! Another example: you, lady! Don't fall for me yet, just for that, though. :P

I'm no love guru or expert but, well, writing this one doesn't itch me much and require a lengthy experiences of love. For you girls out there, admit it, you want a perfect boyfriend. Okay, let's shoot my delusional thought; you all, ladies, don't necessarily need and want a perfect boyfriend, but a one who, well, you define him, ladies. LOL :p

So, what kind of a boyfriend do you want? How would you want yours to be? Do you like the ways yours is exhibiting at the moment? You know, there are exactly things that a so-called perfect boyfriend doesn't do. Call me a liar, but it's true and the truth is crafted below.

So a perfect boyfriend doesn't.....
  • drink beer.
  • go pick her up late.
  • dump her. 
  • smoke.
  • take his games more important than her. 
  • yell at his lover under no circumstances. 
  • cheat with her friends on her. 
  • forget their anniversary.
  • break his promise.
  • let her hit the bed without texting her "Good night; Sweet dream, babe."
  • let her go to hospitals/clinic alone.....(when she's sick, heh)!
  • make her wait.
  • talk about sex. (Still on research, this one)
  • unreasonably get jealous when seeing her with another guy.
  • ignore her texts no matter what. Believe or not, some even rush from the toilet to just reply the text. 
  • make his lover feel alone when he's there. Platinum truth; if yours is doing this, well, you decide, ladies.
  • blab about her baddies to his friends. 
  • piss her off when he's angry.
Now your turns to fill some. A good boyfriend doesn't:

  • forget her birthday and what she likes. 

  • winks at other girls while he's with her.

  • go on bed with other girls.

And the last one is the most controversial, and true, thing that provokes doubts, worry, joke, and laughter.

A good perfect boyfriend doesn't 
  • EXIST!
Nor the bad one!


I'm speechless too. So maybe stop looking for a perfect one; seek a one that, umm, you think can fill in your life-holes and go through life, no matter how hard, with you for the rest of your life. Choose wisely, huh! 

And, I'm available. LOL :p 
Another joke for you, huh! :)
Nice day, people! 

Monday, April 29, 2013

Keep Calm and Get to Know Me: 51 Things

I don't know if you ever doubt who (the f)  runs this blog. A blogger, the answer punches. And, who's the blogger, pumpkin? the question squeezes on. All I can tell is: keep calm and get to know me. Long ways to go, heh. :D

Well, whew, well, whew. Keep calm; you're gluing your eyes on my blog so I'm the blogger, with no doubts. But, really, who am I? I should have hosted the "About Me" page.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

WrestleMania 2013. Finally...

It's tongue-scratching to just wait for this event. Almost 3 weeks and finally here it comes.....on the TV. What if I had been there? Off-fantasy! 

So, wrestling is a good show that I have always been enjoying. I have been watching it since my childhood. Thank Buddha! Then,  a local TV channel hosted the recorded show. And, lately, with cables installed, I could re-enjoy watching the damn show. 

Tell you what? I have heard people saying this WWE wrestling is not so real and are all preparatory performance; well, yeah it is and it is. Yet, believe me, you can't just take your eyes and mind of this entertainment-plugged performance. 

In a normal SMACKDOWN or RAW show, there usually come those wrestlers who keeps naughtily and trickily playing others; that's cute preparation. Yet, again, you can't deny the fact that people are flying and hitting one another with chairs, hammer, metals and etc are just eye-confusing acts. 

So, yay, the Mania 2013 are brought available on a Thai TV channel which can be viewed, too, in Cambodia. Even if the amazing event is not simulcasted, still the eager within to watch the not-so-real-yet-entertaining show are just there, in the vein.  

I didn't catch the whole event. Yet, I enjoyed the The Undertaker vs. CM Punk and Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar match. Who would not enjoy it, people?

Well, good one that The Undertaker still goes unbeaten in WrestleMania. 21-0. 
And, HHH could defeat the mighty Brock. What a match! That part, I skipped my lunch. lol

Check out some matches here, below, folks. 

Still a better performance than Twilight, anyway. :p :)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Fine, just not happy!

Do you ever feel that the world is getting dark and ugly no matter how beautiful the surrounding is? You are standing right there, not wanting to move anywhere not because you can't physically step aside but because something heavy in your head is just too heavy to stiffen you still at the point; that kind of feeling! Man, what feeling should you define mine when I don't even remember the tasks I shall do?  What the a suck world it is when your hope is just not in you? What life is it when you feel all the bad things in the world in everything you are doing.

Fearful, hopeless, darky, what-the-f-am-I-doing and whatever and more; those kind of feeling. Not bad, I guess. That moment when you don't find any joy, not at all, in things you regularly do!  Kodak moment!

Better soon, Js! I hope so! I don't meant to be upset! I know there are some good-shit philosophized quotes and turn-you-back-normal inspirations on the net. I prefer writing, anyway.

Hey, should I be writing more? If so, what should be written? I can write more, here, people but what shall I really write? LOL, sound like I do a lot of Edgar Allan Poe's talk here.

I'm fine, actually, just not normally happy. Okay, deal! I'm back. It doesn't do me a lot good when I'm framed in a dark side.

Smile, baby smile. :)

Has ha, writing makes me feel better. :)

Monday, April 22, 2013

The Afternoon Playlist

If you are a working staff at a office, you sure can tell how creepy it is during the lunchbreak. Either rush back home, after a long tiring and stuffed morning, to eat your cooked-by-mum foods and rush back to office or stay in the office and eat the typical not-so-yummy packaged food. Another choice, maybe, at the nearby canteen and, a bit modenized, at the local fast-food or renowned foodstore or restaurant. Or even further, the street food at nearby local market. (បាយផ្សារ) in Khmer.

Too mind-screeching! And, worse when you are eating normal food while others eat out at the nearby pizza star or high-class restaurant. For me, though, that type of self-thought envy doesn't clench my nerve. I only eat for survival. LOL. Though, I must admit I owe my parents for making the food for me though the food don't seem to be so, well, classy or something related to pizza or Japanese food.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Facebook: No More Maybe!

Things are getting a bit weird here. I don't know what I shall write for this blogpost. Yeah, seriously! I have no idea on what to blog here. This blogpost, perhaps, is just to chase away the doubting unclear what is going in my head now. But, wait, the title is Facebook something. Well, of course, something related to Facebook will be discussed here, below.We all have heard of Facebook and, yeah, have facebooked all around, I guess. For Cambodians, well, there are too many, especially grown-up teens and half-grown adults who do facebooking, I being of one of the sophisticated  enthusiastic crowd. Glory Facebook!  I'm not going to depict the bad things and good sides of using Facebook, though.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Khmer New Year Cheer

For one thing, Cambodia is a nice country to explore. Many sublime interesting historical sites, Angkor Wat, for example. Too, there are also dignified culture and tradition one shall be aware of.

As for now, it's Khmer New Year Day. And, there is something you may wanna know since it's fun-making and trimly convivial.

For music out there, we all have heard of viral Kpop, westernized RnB, Blue, Rock and whatever. Apart from these, Cambodia has another kind of music to showcase to the world, known as Khmer Popular Traditional Music which is....well, let's just see the video and have fun; and then you shall know how happy Cambodians are. Here we go; dance along if you wanna. :)

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Happy Khmer New Year 2013: Year of Snake

Let's just, first, thank whoever that I can manage to write this post. Thank I more, actually. :P

All Cambodians know that and are ready to welcome the new year and the new angel who will come, and, are classically believed, take good care of the universe. On that, actually, there is an interesting folk tale.

It was 13th April 2013, a Saturday. Like other Cambodians, my family and I clean the house and prepare all the tidbits in the preparation to welcome the new angel, a daughter of Ka-bel Mohaprom, a king devata in the folktale. The preparation was both tiring and exciting, though.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

12 Best Hits from Sapoun Midada

Sapoun Midada? Who's this geek yet again? Geek? Okay, I assume you are not a fan of music in Cambodia. 

Honestly,  I have been his fan (beach please, not that swinging electronic gadget) since his first appearance in Cambodia music industry. His songs, oh my! and needless to say...well, I just like him more than Justin Beirber. And thanks to Hangmeas Production, a big and long-standing music and video company in Cambodia, for discovering this "talent" guy. 

In this I will show you some hits from him, those cool captivating and romanticized-meaning tracks that have really lifted his reputation in Cambodia. But before we go to explore his music, let's first briefly scrutinize this now-married guitar guru's pastfacts. 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Arrival of Jason

The darkness of the night didn't even dare to chime. It stood still and worked it way, waiting for the sun to shine. I was completely serenaded in a good undisturbed sleep. I didn't remember, though, seeing the moonlight that hit the earth. Too comfortable in a tasty slumber. 

This is not a love story nor a sci-fi novel, folks. A simple post, huh!

The phone rang.........

"Open me the door, please!" the voice on the phone flew in my ears. 

"Okay, mum, please! I'm sleeping." was my innocent little-annoyed reply. 

"Open the door. You got a new cousin." 

Wait? What? Oh, he's coming! The one longly-awaited. 

It was the early morning of Sunday, 31 March 2013.

New member in the house. Yay, a boy, mum told me. 

The next three days, my aunt was back home with her newly-born son. 

Cute, ain't him? LOL, everyone in the house and every relatives and friends, upon seeing him, have good words for him. 

He has his father's nose; two little plumb cheeks cling there on his face. Little hair. Not so much "crying" like his older two-year-and-some-months-old brother. 

Calm and lovely, good-words my maternal grandma! 

It feels good, anyway, to have a new member. The previous two were his older brother, Nychole and another cousin, Sun, who came six months ago. 

Now, kids all around the house. My time is over. Nychole, the leadplayer, Sun, the calmer, and now, Jason, the not-know-yet.

Jason is his name. Ouch, I'm envious.

Check out more of his photos:

Jason is sleeping

Still sleeping. Like a boss! :p

Time for milk! kekeke :)

With his bro, the hyperactive kid in the block! Nychole and Jason, the brothers!

Mummy, hold me, please! I want to go play, like my brother! :)

Finally, I just hope these two kids grow up good. Well, they will, I insure. As they have their supportive and caring parents and brother cousin like me. 

Welcome to the world, bro. Have a good life a head. 
Warning: no big gizmo like iphone, ipad, etc; only heads and hands that care and help.  

Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Love Story

Once upon a time.....

Sadly, then...there are good-shit reasons that.... 

In the end....the story ends!

A love story in which an honest innocent honest man gets hurt.  

And, it's just a love story. @|@

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Graduation: Wow!

Graduation day will be great and awesome, one remarks. Others advise: It's gonna be the one of the most memorable day in your life. Well, everyone know that and I can't help but agree to the spread sayings. It's true: gradation feels fabulous. And if you experience one, you know how wow-awesome it is. And, I know it. Shh! It's just a phase of life! :)

So, it's April 2nd 2013 and Tuesday morning look shines cool. I got up while the dawn is still rather thick. Pristo, bingo, bongo, chick, chuck! I'm at the graduation place: Koh Pich, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The sun finally comes up and people scatter the place. There you go! People wearing various-colored gowns; girls on their make-ups (and smart outfit, of course) and men on their mature dress. What, though, that quite scratch me is that I don't have that classy glitzy gizmo to clutch and show off. Too bad, yet not a big matter. It's my graduation day! Graduation Day, I repeat! Yeah, seriously, graduation day. 

Monday, April 1, 2013

3 Little Inspirations from The Sea and Beach

Ever go to the sea and enjoy the breathtaking relaxing view, folks? What did you enjoyed there? The sea? The view? The food? Well, almost all, I guess, unless you are dumb or sicked. Okay, now we shall go the story. In below, you will read there little inspirations from the sea and beach. Unbelievable? Well, check out, then. 

The water of the see is salty (not yet to mention the liquid people add to it; if you know what I mean!) and we all know that. Well, no one want to taste the salty water raw. Would you, literally? Yet, we all shall not forget the fact that seawater yield good benefits too; it brings out salt, is home to various sealife, which we enjoy as food. Alike, the taste of life is not always sweet, naturally and not to add all the problems that we impose into it. Not many enjoy those not-so-sweet but still we get to live our respective life. So, what is the point here? Well, life is just like seawater. While seawater is salty and not many people enjoy the taste, there are still some good things of seawater. Same for our life: the taste, literally, is not perfectly sweet and not many, too, want to taste that taste but still there are good things in life. Plus, we can choose either to enrich the seawater either by help valuing it or by not contaminating it with rubbish and other toxic substance uncaringly exposed into the sea. The same is for life: we can either enrich it by valuing it and living it in a way that desiredly benefits us and others or by not causing more problems into our respective life. 

Not so inspirational, right? Yeah? Okay! We'll go to the second inspiration. 

I once visit the sea, and to be exact, the beach. After the uproarious plays with my mates on the beach and sea, we took a rest; some went strolling while some went relaxing at the nearby store. As for me, I took a saunter under the shining evening sunshine. As I strolled carefrelly along the beach to another end, my eyes witnessed many things: people convivially whirling in the sea with their friends, some sat under the sunlight relaxingly, some happily riding a small oil-geared boat in the wavy sea while several couples, hand in hand, sauntered along the beach. As I walked to explore the other end of the beach, I left footprint on the sandy beach. The breezy evening wind almost took my soul away. Ways too relaxing. Yet, I noticed something (yeah, something). I noticed that every footprint I made was wiped away by the seawaves that hit the beach. One by one, no matter how shallow and cute my footstep was! The point is: you gotta walk up and see ahead even if your past is holding you back; just like these footsteps; no matter how deep, still it has got to be wiped away and there will no more footprints if you stand still. YOU GOT TO MOVE FORWARD! FORWARD IN YOUR LIFE! That means, no matter how bad or good your past is, keep going and living. FORWARD, remember?

The third, and final in this post, inspiration from the sea is the sea itself. How? Well, the sea is more like our respective life. The sea get hit by the big waves and played by many people; that way, the sea lost its natural sublime quality; yet, still, there are those who like and love to spend time at the sea. What about our life? Yeah, we get hit by various obstacles and many dump and play us, and still out there there will be people who want to be nearby us and have us as companion. So, kindly stop the upset before you start to feel ashamed, comparing yourself to the sea.

Lastly, hope you all enjoy this post. Yet, one more cautious thing to alarm you. Even the beach and sea can give you inspiration; well, simple enough: it's time for you to pursue or create yourself some inspirations to look forward and to live for. Have fun living, babe folks! :)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Birthday Cheers...

Disclaimer: You can just ignore this post which is personal. Not for you; anyway you may want to have a read. This, though, is specially written with a purpose. So here it starts:

Life is so precious but also weird sometimes; it depends on one's thought and perspective about it. Feeling bad, feeling awesome, and feeling nothing. Still a life for a living. Yet, trust me, you gonna wow, at some stage. 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Letter To You

Subject: One good lesson well-learned
To: Someone
Cc: People involved

Dear you:

I have been staring at the letter for quite a long time before my brain and hand were convinced to cooperate. Most of the time, you showed up in the head while the hand craved for your pictures. You're gone, I know, but my crazy head doesn't seem to know and digest the philosophy of letting go. The past has been walking in and I been tricked to watch the replay (and to rewind it), which is both smiles-making and saddening. I doubt how long more should I be watching this movie, the one I used to enjoy and want to keep enjoying; yet the movie is hurting me. The "Nothing is impossible" thing is a lie, at this content. The movie, I sense, will no longer be available. 

Monday, March 25, 2013

5 Old-but-gold Songs from Cambodian Artists

You do listen to music, don't you? Well, everyone does! One could be weird if s/he doesn'ttuck music in. What types of music do you listen to and enjoy, anyway? Rock? Country? Blue? RnB? Hip Hop? As for I, I don't discriminate any music available for soul-refreshing, which means I listen to all kinds as long as the music consoles my ears and souls and brings me on a journey of good-feeling seeking. Rock, country, blue, RnB, Hip Hop or whatever, they are just cool when they are cool in my ears. And, surprisingly to you maybe, I listen to all songs: Khmer songs (though some are not originally produced), of-current-trends Kpop which is now virally contagious and western ones that really share a huge picture in music world.  

Friday, March 22, 2013

15 Inspiration-stitching Quotes Not to Miss

Bored? Yes? No? 

Down? Yes? No? 

Either yes or no, that is fine because you are here, on this blog. 

In case of a YES and you are feeling bad about yourself because something have gone wrong and beyond your sublime expectations, which is normal because as human beings we all undergo many tastes of life experiences, you may wanna flip through the following quotes which may uplift your soul and help you restore your hope and re-galvanize your brain and thoughts. 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

An Unrevealed Love Now Sadly Confessed

I know we had been secretly sneaking glances at one another, but would never ever face to face talk what was on our mind. And things turned out to be what they were supposed to be; you and I ended up with lots of word left unspoken, care left unaddressed, with love left unrevealed, with pain left unhealed and with tears left untamed. It was not an easy feeling at all to see the one whom we had been investing our mind on be other’s possession. Would the time recede back? Would we sit and talk? Would he understand our regret? Would I be him and would you see me in his face? Would? Would? And would? Countless “would?” would never remedy all these pain, all these loneliness, and all these crazy things I had been too coward to not let you know. It hurts profusely everywhere when this pops up in my mind, and I perceive you share the same feelings. Why do not you give us another chance? Why cannot your hurt be healed by my care or loyalty? Is my love late? Will you be a bit kind to your mind, his and mine? Will and will and will you and I make this love be a you-laugh-and-I-laugh one?