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Thursday, December 25, 2014

A Lost Soul Turns Stronger!

I heard the news, shocked.

I thought about that, doleful.
I thought more, sorrowful.

I tapped myself, bewildered.
I sat there, blurred.
I closed my eyes, darker.

I shut myself, failing.
I repeated, lingering.
I turned, wishing.
I felt myself, sickening

I rivaled the voice, fragile.
I wanted to jump, senseless.
I tried and pushed, stuffier.
I cried a bit, excruciating.
I went on, devastated.

I paused, gallant-er.
I dried the eyes, determined.
I drained the voice, better.
I opened the eyes, lighter.
I stood up, brighter and aliver.
I promised myself, stronger.

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