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Sunday, September 14, 2014

What I've Learnt From My Life During Un-employment Period

I left school back in almost late 2012, prior and during which I had been lucky to pick up quite a number of amateur working experiences through internship, freelanceship, part-time and volunteer works. Before I was finally able to land in for a job I had to live several couples of dreary weeks without jobs but seeking for one; that was almost burning all the academic parts of my body. Life! You have no ideas or might have some but, well, life during those weeks sucked.

I, however, got a job after some moments searching. I was committed to the job, which I loved and felt passionate for. As times grew forward, I was conditioned to selflessly convince myself to leave and I happily turned in the letter. 

Home sweet home for the second time!

On a conclusive manner, the period of “home sweet home” are freedom-spraying and, along time, somewhat depressing.

The good point, above all, though, is the struggle to fight and move on. With reflections, I gotta say I learned and observed something during those dark and absurd moments of being too free. The following decipher those knowledge and I'd like to humbly share with all of you. 

Monday, September 8, 2014

So Tell Me

There, are things growing in shape?

God, I miss a lot those dates. 
After all the time we're separate.

I'm fine with a complicated mind.
While you're there and I'm just behind.
And the sun doesn't seem to shine.

I try to run and reach to you.
I tried but feel like a fisher at a zoo.
I guess I must find some clues.
Now, tell me what I should do.

Should I stay, go or what?
If I stay, will you be bored?
If I go, will there be comfort?
By any chances, am I worth?
My mind finds mess and thoughts go short.

How long will I have to bear?
Leaving, I heard but don't yet dare.
These complications, I doubt, will float to where?
Apparently, to me, this seems like a nightmare.
I just hope we can forever still live, love, etc. in pair.
No matter what things turn out, I know you care.

So tell me!