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Sunday, November 17, 2013

10 Motivating Songs To Resurrect A Crumbled Soul

I don't know and plan this. Things, bad things, still come along. Applause for them!

I have been so busy and puffed lately. Knowing that stress would come along anytime, I make myself an affirming resolution that if stress and bad things poof up and  no matter how big they are I gotta refresh myself. 

Like expected, things crush bad, putting in me a bad contagious mood. Don't temp me; I could eat a human at the moment, heh! 

Bad day, though, not bad life!

Of all the worse happenages (new coined word meaning: things that happen; synonym to "occurrence"), I hate the most is dealing with fellow human beings who.....well, let's just say my rules and theirs didn't get along and who want to play me like a kid (wrong person, dude!)

Friday, November 15, 2013

50 Random Things To Do Before You Die

Some call and compile it into a wish-list. A bucket list, a more widely-referred term. 

It's no strange that respective us have wants and needs and ambitions. Some disguise their greed in as ambitions. 

So what do you want to do before you die? Learn a third or fourth language? Sunset seeing with your beloved one? Visit all the magnificent wonders of the world? 

I think the following things should be typicals in our respective list, though it only reflects my thoughts. 

And, though these things come from my thoughts, it doesn't necessarily mean I will do all of them. 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

It's Time to Move On

Let's make a deal first. This piece is wholly  purposed up to inspire some to move on. 

We all want a happy life, right? Yet, life keeps going wrong? Doubts? Research is still in progress for that. If only there were "happy life" at the market! 

Let's get real, yet! 

You see, we enjoyed many years of being carefree souls, during which we ran and played joyously without caring how badly flunking the economy is and how tortoise-step the world is going to be a greed-lead place to live in. Times fly and we grow up to a stage that we learn to socialize and love. In between, not all of everything we all want want us back. Some, we get while some others, we don't get. (This mother-of-grammar structure, is too classified, huh!) 

Monday, November 4, 2013

Too Many Awesome Movies This Year, 2013

To trace back, I'm not raised up rich and spoiled and life has just been normal.  That is, not having modern things, gizmos, and lifestyles okays for me. Life was once simple and, somehow, the fact that that simplicity goes on in this globalized and computerized world doesn't quite scratch me itchy a lot. 

That stated ain't means I'm just an old style, not adapting any changes necessary in this little world. Well, somewhat, I prefer things done in my ways even if they are quite different (and weirder) from others. 

One thing I might have done different from others might be the ways I watch movies. 

If you are a frequent visitor to my blog, you probably have learnt that I like watching movies and the way I spend time on movies is different. Well, while my friends who are "rich", I'm either "impatient" or "patient". Most of the time, semi-patient or fully patient.