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Friday, February 14, 2014

That's Life.....

The sun was almost out; the dawn was still taking its very breath and cuddling up with the hissing February wind that was bringing along slight heat as it came and went. Cars came and passed, with whirling light, pressing mercillessly on the crooked lifeless road that was pretending. The weather outside was not so certain and the man inside was not caring either. He was focusing his now-disturbed mind on something else, something special. And, something troubled. And something that had not left his mind. Something that was only healed. It had been almost 20 years and the only thing he knew too well was the fact that no matter how much he had tried to act normally, he was still living his days and that he had no issues with that "normal" living was now not hiding anymore.  

"It's coming back again, really?" They were fighting once again after the long-sitting settle-down  that was then for-good broached and coaxed by the then desperate man. 

Saturday, February 1, 2014

How I Spent The First Morning of February

It was Saturday, 5 a.m, and as I was waken up by the alarming tune to just be reminded that a new day had just started and that it was, once again, time to wake up and live, I didn't feel like getting up. Not at all. My eyes wouldn't open under the influence of the lazing it-is-weekend mood. With sublime rivaling efforts, I managed to pick up my body, pitifully, and get out of the bed. As I hauled out of the net-covered wooden thing, the normality of feeling of the start of a new day was howling besides and, though still sleepily enthused, I took the chance, economically, to just surge in pure nature of the almost-gone dawn. 

That was exactly 5: 05 am of the first day of February, the so-called month of love and Champion League. Also, it is one of the Chinese New Year days and people are expected to go on holidays. Well, Facebook is not lying (if you know what I mean).