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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

An L-word Promise That Motivates.....

It is the damn word all yearn to have, especially those newly afoot into that little thing. 

It was 2011. May, 27, the starting point. No exact time recorded! 

“I think it will be time for you to say that to me, honey.”

“Not yet,” comes a reply, “We’ll see and hear. We just start, hey!" 

"But? Um, I have done this a lot to prove my..." to which a reply cut through: C'mon! It will be time, just like you say; not now, though. I do want to but, um......

"Promise me, okay? I'll get to you again on New Year's eve when we are going to hold hands, walking under the lighted breezy street. Then, you will have to go with the reality: you and I, forever." 

Riya, now a bit touched, okayed, smilingly.  

Sunday, March 16, 2014

9 Melodious Songs to Chill Out on Sunday

I have been away for a while from this little forlorn meek blog and if you have been suspecting where I have been and whom I have been dating, busy-ness has been filling the spot. 

Honestly, I have been staring at the blank page and thinking of what to write. A short story, came the first thought. Some more ideas just keep flickering inside my head. The ideas flooded and, to a level, bored, I almost logged out. 

I then finalized a topic for this post. Let's just silentivate all the thoughts, get the earplugs and shut the world off. 9 songs below should be enough.