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Thursday, May 15, 2014

7 Slow Melodic Songs To Help Circumvent Your Boredom (And A Bonus)

When you get bored in life what are those that you usually do to reduce the boredom? Trying something to cast away the boredom would sound just perfectly fit. Probably, if it seems, one is bored when their mind is troubled, and not calm. And the reasons? It could be millions. 

Maybe you're staying home while your relatives and friend are on holiday. Or, maybe you are worried about the tedious work you will have to face back soon when the weekend/holiday weeps pass through. Or, maybe, you have plucked in height-y expectation on something that later occur to fail short in result. Probably, either, you're still feeling bad about those ignorance which you have been unconsciously conveying to your beloved persons, say your mother. 

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Chakriya’s Catch-up, Clarifying, Apologizing Letter To Veasna


I have been trying to reason out my heart to write to you. Every time, I fell fragile despite all the first conscious determination; my hand would, first, find optimism and then dumbness yet my head would not hold along any righteous courage to write to you. Pissing you off then keeps haunting me. It won’t just fade away. Naturally, I haven't stopped feeling bad about that dejected ordeal which befall on you and which I chose to execute. 

I know I’m now in no virtuous position to write to clarify things out for you: why I jilted you so harshly back then? Things that day were clear enough: we met, I talked, used the unexpected L-word towards you and left, and you were left doubting and appallingly disappointed, almost believing you were that L-word.

Why, yet, do I still write you this letter? Maybe I am still thinking about that event. Don’t get me wrong: I’m not thinking of jilting you again; it hurt me too seeing you flinching after I harangued you. Maybe I shouldn't have brutally pierced your little gentleman’s heart. Whatever reason, I guess, doesn't matter now to you. You don’t care, right?