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Thursday, May 15, 2014

7 Slow Melodic Songs To Help Circumvent Your Boredom (And A Bonus)

When you get bored in life what are those that you usually do to reduce the boredom? Trying something to cast away the boredom would sound just perfectly fit. Probably, if it seems, one is bored when their mind is troubled, and not calm. And the reasons? It could be millions. 

Maybe you're staying home while your relatives and friend are on holiday. Or, maybe you are worried about the tedious work you will have to face back soon when the weekend/holiday weeps pass through. Or, maybe, you have plucked in height-y expectation on something that later occur to fail short in result. Probably, either, you're still feeling bad about those ignorance which you have been unconsciously conveying to your beloved persons, say your mother. 

Let's just do something to circumvent that, okay? What about catching some music, heh?

Whatever the reasons leading to your troubled mind, take a deep breath, grab the earplugs, laptop, mp3 player or whatever that could transpose you through some sounding music that might re-calm your mind back into a daily commonality. Lie down, tuck in the plugs, play the music, close your eyes and let the music soothe you. 

Let's go to the list of the songs that might rejuvenate you and your soul. I've been catching them in the late current time. If that'll excuse you, that's what I do when my mind is not on its daily commonality. 

# 1- Jenh-jien Neang Dai (The Ring on Your Ring-Finger), CHHAY Virakyuth

When Virakyuth, known by some as "Bong Chhoam", sings, it's better you pause or take some time to listen. This song of his could be so serenading that it could whisper, softly, your mind to sleepy mood. By the time you wake up, the girl in the video with the ring might already be at the marriage. That's when you know your troubled is getting back on track. I just hope so. It works for me. 

#2 Pka Kror-vann, SOKUN Nisa ft. RIN Saveth

If I may say, I like how the singers flirt with the lyrics. This song is an admirable legacy from Cambodian legendary singers from the past. I couldn't agree more how soft and sweet this song is, and no choice I succumb to its ear-juicing and mind-softening melodiousness. 

#3 - Calltune Chhlorng Chhlery (Conversational Calltune), Sokunkanha ft. PREAP Sovath

The whole song is one thing; the story inside is another thing that captivates. Not only does this songs would grab your ear, it might also go further into you heart, clenching your mind. One of the best songs so far. I like the story inside just as much I love the melody, and together they make this song awesome. 

#4 - All of Me, John Legend

A song is probably nothing unless it does sounds something to you. This one by John Legend? I guess I love it as much as I love John Newman's Love Me Again. Both songs are awesome, abling to make its ways to my soul, yet are the two singers siblings? :P

#5 - Sarapheap Sneh Tae Onn Min Srolanh (A Love Confession You Reject), KHEM


KHEM once appeared from somewhere into a Town Production singer and the whole music world in Cambodia eyes something noticeable: he and his heavy grabbing voice. To some of you, when hearing of "Cambodia music world" you would get pissed, grudging on a stereotype that Cambodian music is nothing but "copycat" stuffs. Yet, just as you may appreciate those cover artists on youtube, you may as well should appreciate, even a little, these on-stage Cambodian artists whose stories you might not fully know of. I like this one by KHEM to a certain extent and the meaning is just as good. That sucks, right? That sad reality? Flowers handed out and all you get back is: Nah, I like you as a friend or whatever. Being freindzoned is an excruciating facing!

#6 Lego House, Ed Sheeran

I wont't ease out many-worded comments for this. Feel the music and touch the lyrics instead. The more I listen to this song, the more I want to keep having it on. More, when I keep gluing my ears and mind to this song, I seem to let go out of memory those troublings. At least, for a while, I hope. :D

#7 - Kous Tvear Besdong (Knocking On The Heart), OUK Sokunkanha

You gotta like this one, somehow. The melody and lyrics well match. The story inside might lead to a peaceful slumber. Sokunkanh, a superstar in Cambodia, is just "so fittingly awesome" in this song. 

Finally, music somehow plays some role in chasing away boredom that is flirting with your troubled mind. I'm not just saying; it is true. 

According to this, listening to music can have a tremendously relaxing effect on our minds and bodies, especially slow, quiet classical music. This type of music can have a beneficial effect on our physiological functions, slowing the pulse and heart rate, lowering blood pressure, and decreasing the levels of stress hormones. 

Nice productive days and happy living, dear citizen of the world. 

As promised, the bonus: 

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  1. 4 out of 7 are in my most-played playlist :)

    1. Hello Roth,

      Sorry for late reply. And, uh, I've got no time to write new arti; new one, will soon.

      Wow, 4 of 7? Great mind half-think alike. LOL :D