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Monday, July 28, 2014

A Love Letter From the 2060s

Not far into a quite arrive-soon future, 2050s or 2060s, life would be still going on, presumably more advancing with a more modernized and complicated technology. To an aspect, people who treasure reading, especially those whose passionate-ness about life are just to stubbornly strong to succumb away, will continue to enjoy reading and learning about life. Probably from those life and love novels that are intriguingly made interesting by people who are termed "best-selling authors" once until their manuscripts get approved and published and widely read afterwards and who, prior to that, are just a normal beings like us with a literary gene and vibe. 

One of those books you would enjoy reading and lose yourself into, in a probable weirder way of reading, is a not-so-best-but-best bestseller indie book called Those Then Decisions And Now, a prospective 2060 novel that would sparks the same viral effects as what John Green's TFIOS has done in this current time.