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Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Morning Read: 20 Things You Probably Don't Know

I actually don't know these facts either! 

But how trustable are these facts? 

I have no ideas, too. But, how do I get to know these? 


Reading is always fun, though. Just read and keep enlarging your knowledge. Don't die, knowing less things. Reading doesn't cost much. 

So, today I got up, like, at 4 am while the dawn was setting its foot into the sky. Well, I think I have reasons now to start getting up early. Well, more contents on that in the next post and it is almost 2014 and I need to do something, something really something. 

The fact is I had to finish some work and, apart from that, do some morning reading, which I believe is good for myself. 

When it comes to reading, it's crazy. I just feel like: ain't nobody have time for that? Yet, it is a piercing truth that reading is good for one. 

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A Strange Dream Before Christmas Day

I was teaching as usual, except for a fact that I left my Nokia 1280  almost battery-less at my desk. The day was quite hectic and I didn't re-fill the battery until the night. Not until the morning, to be exact. 

"Low battery," a sign popped up. It seemed like it would have wanted to say, "Refill me, A-hole." 

As I finished my dinner, I ascended into my room, lounging around at my desk and reading online. 

Everything seemed to be about Christmas, huh. Then, I realized tonight was the Christmas eve. I am a Cambodian, though. I did thought of sending anonymous gift, honestly. The thought was not strong enough, yet. 

I couldn't find the charger. As the night went darker, my eyes turned wary and I had no choice but to lay my laptop down and brisk myself to bed. 

Something happened in the morning. Something shocking!