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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A Strange Dream Before Christmas Day

I was teaching as usual, except for a fact that I left my Nokia 1280  almost battery-less at my desk. The day was quite hectic and I didn't re-fill the battery until the night. Not until the morning, to be exact. 

"Low battery," a sign popped up. It seemed like it would have wanted to say, "Refill me, A-hole." 

As I finished my dinner, I ascended into my room, lounging around at my desk and reading online. 

Everything seemed to be about Christmas, huh. Then, I realized tonight was the Christmas eve. I am a Cambodian, though. I did thought of sending anonymous gift, honestly. The thought was not strong enough, yet. 

I couldn't find the charger. As the night went darker, my eyes turned wary and I had no choice but to lay my laptop down and brisk myself to bed. 

Something happened in the morning. Something shocking! 

The battery was dead, so dead and completely blank. As I descended downstairs to look for the re-charger to resurrect my old grumpy archaic phone, I realized today is the Christmas day. 

As I pressed the phone on, it displayed 2 missed-calls. "Seriously?" was all my reaction. 

1 new number, the screen said "Mr. VL". A teacher with whom I studied years ago. 

Why so?, my brain started to question. Why? No reasons on earth that he could call me. "He must have dialed the wrong number." came a conclusion from my brain. 

The will to find out kept clouding my brain and finally I just called him to learn the fact why he dialed my number. I had to refilled my account number with another $5 card!

"Is that V?" a voice rose (V is my name)! The 2-minute conversation shocked me with a fact that a one I was to send my anonymous gift was injured, badly to her left leg, in a traffic accident last night while she was catching a tax-i to her homeland somewhere else outside Phnom Penh. 

I thanked the noble man and rushed to the hospital. 

As I arrived the hospital and, after learning the room she was treated, I rushed. The view saddened me....a lot. A noble girl is now growling with injury. She is still asleep! Also, I learnt the presence of her best friends and my teacher. 

As I stepped in to ask for details, a voice shouted: It's time to get me my bread, lazyhead. Don't you go to work, heh?

My mum!

I, then, woke up, rolling, with laziness, in the bed and finally get up to do my work. 

It is really a strange dream before this Christmas. Phew, it is not true! Thank god, she is safe. 

Maybe my brain doesn't rest well and travels a lot with imagination and hallucination these days. 

I go through my day as normal. Christmas day, huh? It's just a normal Wednesday to me. 

Culturally speaking, it's not a holiday of mine. Yet, globally speaking, today is Christmas day and I should enjoy some parts of it. 

And, I'm still thinking of whether to send the gift. Probably not, probably yes! 

Merry Christmas, people and have fun....wisely and nicely! 

FYI, the next post is still uncertain. 

And, finally, the question who is that one? I'm still recalling too!

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  1. So who is that one? guess you already forgot your dream.