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Sunday, November 17, 2013

10 Motivating Songs To Resurrect A Crumbled Soul

I don't know and plan this. Things, bad things, still come along. Applause for them!

I have been so busy and puffed lately. Knowing that stress would come along anytime, I make myself an affirming resolution that if stress and bad things poof up and  no matter how big they are I gotta refresh myself. 

Like expected, things crush bad, putting in me a bad contagious mood. Don't temp me; I could eat a human at the moment, heh! 

Bad day, though, not bad life!

Of all the worse happenages (new coined word meaning: things that happen; synonym to "occurrence"), I hate the most is dealing with fellow human beings who.....well, let's just say my rules and theirs didn't get along and who want to play me like a kid (wrong person, dude!)

Officially, I'm getting stressed. Temporary! 

I have, however,  injected in this mindset: no matter hard, keep smiling and doing your works and stay fresh.  I do but fresh air seems to be detained somewhere. 

Good jobs, stress and bad days!

Package 2 is on. A 30-minute writing (for this post) and the following motivating refreshing songs below whose effects should not be neglected. 

#1 Sokunkanha's Stand Back Up

Yeah, the best thing is to stand back up.  

#2 Figther 

No comment; just another motivating song, this one. 

#3 Miley Cyrus's The Climb

(G)oldies. Motivation level: 999999...999!

#4 Bruno Mar's Today My Life Begin

Check the damn song out. 

#5 Yolanda Adams's I Believe

Actually, I came across this spiritually motivating song when I watched the movie Honey (2003) years ago. And, I downloaded it right away. The song is very well lyric-ed. 

#6 Let The Drummer Kick

Just let the drummer kick, heh! :D

#7 MirImage's Lights In The Dark

[......] Hold your head high, don't accept defeat.....You could be the light in the dark. 

#8 Krept and Konan's Let Go

Well, just let go. Simply as that! 

#9 FEM's Rocketeer

Here we come, come with me.....

#10 Jay Chou's Fragrance of Rice

I don't understand a word of this song, but the story inside motivates, conjuringly. 

I don't know if you too like these songs. There are more, actually, in the folder in my laptop, the folder I titled Re-You. 

Just for whatever sake, I'm back, a normal me. And, don't believe everything I write here. 

Life, stress and happiness! 

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