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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

It's Time to Move On

Let's make a deal first. This piece is wholly  purposed up to inspire some to move on. 

We all want a happy life, right? Yet, life keeps going wrong? Doubts? Research is still in progress for that. If only there were "happy life" at the market! 

Let's get real, yet! 

You see, we enjoyed many years of being carefree souls, during which we ran and played joyously without caring how badly flunking the economy is and how tortoise-step the world is going to be a greed-lead place to live in. Times fly and we grow up to a stage that we learn to socialize and love. In between, not all of everything we all want want us back. Some, we get while some others, we don't get. (This mother-of-grammar structure, is too classified, huh!)
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Specifically, we would, at a point, learn to love. Then, to love more and more....there are lots of cool cute gents and ladies out there, right?

But, then, after a while some start to hate and ask "WHY". Good question; keep asking. 

Maybe, to those some, look back at themselves and do a "move on". 

Moving on is a shit in life we all need to and deal with. I mean, how could one stand still at a very point, huh? 

So, in love, some succeed; some don't. Those who glorify smile and live on; and those who don't? Go on, too, maybe. 

In a minute or so, you will scroll down and see several shit-brick songs I feature below. Well, you may be hurtful and die dip in the doss of disappointment; each person in the song, too, are. After the songs, you know, the only piece of advice I would give to each of them would be: move on, people. 

I'm done with these blah-blah-blah elaborations. The songs are set and here we go:

#1 Sereymond's When You're With Him, Whatever I Do Are Trash

What the s is that? Now, shoe yourself in as Sereymond in the song. Will you still be that childy and sissy and keep going for the girl after those piercing words and actions of hers? Yes? Have fun and bring back shame, people! You see, pain would hurt us; too, it will change us. Either be an idiot or a changer. Again, life is more; make a move. Some persons are meant to be in your heart, AND NOT IN YOUR LIFE! 

#2 Ivatina's You Could Love Me; Why Can't You Be Loyally Committed?

From a girl's tacit perspective, love is to be cherished. Yeah, and from some bad guy's revealing nature, take many as they can. It's somehow crazy, sometimes, when a one we think we too much adore turn out to to be the one who thrust pain in our face and inject disappointment into our veins. Time will heal, for a good news. But, it require you too to heal along time. Somehow, in life, some people are just some merely some specific life lessons. Again, sit there in pain and drink or get up and go have more fun. 

#3 Virakyuth's Don't Try To Shed Tear! 

Well, good guy gone hurt. It's a kind of love. You love, you hurt and sacrifice somehow. Now, maybe, it's time to sacrifice for yourself. It's love, but life is more, people. 
So, um, how are the music and story? And, now what? You, again, heh! 

Finally, once again, quick why on why one should move on are: life goes on, literally, with or without you. Also, there are more to go for in life. People out there expect that you do something great---your parents, for example. Plus, losing a one who doesn't love you is not that big a worry, people. Just keep being better, okay! 

Good lucks and have fun loving and living. 

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