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Friday, November 15, 2013

50 Random Things To Do Before You Die

Some call and compile it into a wish-list. A bucket list, a more widely-referred term. 

It's no strange that respective us have wants and needs and ambitions. Some disguise their greed in as ambitions. 

So what do you want to do before you die? Learn a third or fourth language? Sunset seeing with your beloved one? Visit all the magnificent wonders of the world? 

I think the following things should be typicals in our respective list, though it only reflects my thoughts. 

And, though these things come from my thoughts, it doesn't necessarily mean I will do all of them. 

Well, the different and forgivable part is that I maybe not be able to do all of them and it's fine for me. 

And, life is short. After you know it and wish for it, it is here. 

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So, the 50 things to do before we all pass are: 
  1. fall in love with a naughty-at-first stranger.
  2. help someone, say a relative, to work out to reach a meaningful life. 
  3. spend an awesome holiday with your family somewhere and engage in memorable events together. 
  4. be healthy and healthy and healthy. 
  5. watch "The Titanic" with your someone. 
  6. learn  at least 5 language and be able to use them for communication.  
  7. read at least 5000 books before you go walk-laugh. (Now, seriously, how many books have you read so far? I ask myself this question too. That's why, the pick is included here.)
  8. learn many English words as much as possible. 
  9. Excel in a particular polishing skill for a promising career. 
  10. visit an old friend and spend some time together (if a female, talk about life and if a boy, take some beers and discuss). 
  11. forgive a guilty soul. 
  12. write (a) book(s) and publish it/them. 
  13. watch as many movies as you can and would and learn from the movies. 
  14. visit the magnificent Angkor Wat Temple in Siem Reap, Cambodia.  
  15. go visit Ireland and all of its attraction. 
  16. attend a Manchester United game in Old Trafford, Manchester, England. 
  17. get a six-pack abs with serious t0ugh-mind workout. 
  18. prove a genius wrong.....once. 
  19. run a website or a blog and maintain it. 
  20. ignore the high-end shits the world is blindly value-ing.
  21. help poor underprivileged people in a way you can to better their lives and watch their lives improving.
  22. let go of the saddening past. 
  23. meet with worldwide-famous novelists such as Nicholas Spark, J K Rowling, Nora Robert, and more and ask for their advice on writing novels and get them (of course novels, not the renowned authors) published. 
  24. surprise a relative on their Birthday. 
  25. visit your old teachers (anyone you feel like; better if many) and spend a day with her/him, helping her out with his/her life, just to pay some gratitude for their efforts in teaching you in your younger years. 
  26. propose to your beloved and only in a romantic way. 
  27. ignore, ditch and screw up stubborn, narcissistic, high-selfish idiots and hypocrites. 
  28. spend a lovely summer with  the loved one in Hawai. 
  29. write songs about your loved ones. 
  30. spend several sweet horny nights in Lan Kwai Fong, Hong Kong browsing and experiencing the real-stylish nightlife (and perhaps see how a one-night stand looks like and feel). 
  31. love someone with all your might and never let go (only, too, if they are willing to stay and return the love).
  32. join a peace-promoting campaign and be a part of the peace in the world.  
  33. write many songs as you would want. 
  34. tell your beloved they are the core foundation of your life which has changed since their show-up. 
  35. spend a summer in Africa, doing volunteer jobs. 
  36. be encyclopedic as much as you can, on various things and topics. 
  37. attend and hugely engage in a cross-nation conference, summit, workshop, etc. 
  38. visit Hollywood areas.
  39. own a small school in a rural area and teach kids there for free. 
  40. visit Singapore and all its attractions. 
  41. go to America and visit all its major attractions. 
  42. find or create something news and benefitting and life-easing. 
  43. come home for a cooked-by-your-mum dinner with your family on ones of your birthdays. 
  44. visit most, if not all, the wonderful places and countries in the world. 
  45. convince morally a stubborn figure. 
  46. taste all the tongue-on-lip foods from around the world. 
  47. surprise a loved one, at least once, every year. Say, on an anniversary or something. 
  48. smile and forgive a desperate comeback-er and tell them to move on, and if possible help out, with their lives. 
  49. take various adventures to various places to explore. 
  50. become a noble and kind hacker.
I could have numbered up to 100. Let's just save some for the next next post. 

Again, life is short. 

You only live once but if you live it right, once is enough. 

And, your life is precious, so let's take some time to explore that preciousness. 

Do things you damn want to before you go. 

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