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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Another 32 Trivia of Me

For the 6 months I didn't contentized this blog, I’ve been busy; lazy; depressed; suppressive on self-expression. Whatever you might have seen that! Most of the times, God knows, for some reasons, I’d like to keep things to myself. Somehow, I feel bad about that, and for that, I apologize, sincerely, for those who, once in a while, come to check if I have presented up another drama.

Whatever comes to your mind, I’m sorry, and we’re here again. So, here it is: a new article for this blog after a long silence.

I once, on this blog, wrote some facts about me. Those 51 things some of you might have found interesting though some of which are probably, to some, weird. Thank you for your good read. For those of you who haven’t gone through those, you can read it here, before going through another 32 pieces below.
  1. I still love reading, and by some lucks, have switched from reading websites to reading books though books are quite more tedious and require more attentions in reading. I still read articles on some websites, though.
  2. Of all the movies I’ve watched, I’ve enjoyed them to a good level. I’m still having this temptation to write a review.
  3. The first abroad country I’ve been to is China. It was early of this year I went there. Had a very great time there!
  4. I don’t watch too much TV these days. I spend time with myself more.
  5. The two authors that are dominant in my reading so far are best-selling Robert Kiyosaki (I’m reading a book of his and it’s his third book I’m reading) and Nicholas Spark, whose novel The Best of Me I’ve finished the other week.
  6. I collect name cards and use them as bookmarks. Weird? Convenient, that way.  
  7. I’ve often thought, like my addictive friends, I’m Facebook-reliant. Lately, I figure I don’t even want to share the photos from my trip and don’t fancy talking about my daily life over there any longer.
  8. I still do Facebook, though; mainly to get updates of ongoing news of friends, society and the world, and once a while give figures about my life. 
  9. I’ve bought myself a camera. Don't get over excited!
  10. By some weird choices, I still haven’t pampered myself with modern flashy gadgets. A laptop and the internet alone have done lots of harm already. J
  11. Sometimes, I have weird dreams. That, for example, people from my daily life, join me and fight and topple evil-minded monsters and hypocrites from destroying the world, just like in sci-fi and action movie where flames and bullets are flying cross our faces. 
  12. I’ve started to collect books, even if I know I don’t have time, for the present, to read them all. I’d just like to have a library at home and I'm building one. 
  13. Personally, sometimes, I find hashtag posts on social media websites (stuffs like #AnotherAchievment #ThanksBae, #Etc) so gay and funnily agonizing. For that, though, it makes me smile and find people who post it so lovely that I want to buy them Mocha/Choco Frappe. And, my friends, I mean it!
  14. When Pirate Kings invaded on Facebook, I found out I’m more of a patient and understanding man who accept and forgive people for all the game requests they’d sent me.
  15. I’m still passionate and concerning about finding the true meaning of my life.
  16. Sometimes, in my head, I fantasize about me living a life that is full of dramas, like a beloved one is passing and I can’t take it, and that no matter I try to run from that life I’ve never succeeded.
  17. As I struggle to sleep at nights, I fantasize about life, and sometimes tears drop its few falls before my mind can really shut and put my soul to rest. 
  18. I’ve been sick. Because of the likely effect of depression and suppression of expression, I’ve come to think about death. Good lucks, it’s not suicide. J
  19. Sometimes, I doubt why people create their own problems and don’t watch their actions, feel bad about themselves and seek external solutions that cost them a large amount of money. A change of thoughts and actions would just be ideal, from what I see.
  20. Since I’m no more active on my personal Facebook profile, I’ve caught a new vision and created a page where the focal aim is to remind people and me to stay positive by the shares and posts of positive motivations and inspirations. 
  21. The reason I don't get anymore so interested and no longer spend big junks of my times on Facebook is either I've matured mentally or, prettily, I don't see reasons to keep telling everyone every single things going in my real life. Or, I might have been watching/reading so much about online security. 
  22. I still prefer to keep low profiles on things. Sometimes, I know shits but once those shits are talked of and demands my ideas or involvements, I'd like to see first if I should keep mum or enter the discussion. I'm not saying I'm discriminating here but sometimes I feel people don't care enough and they are just, for fun, mentioning things that I too happen to know and, for some, be knowledgeable about. 
  23. Sometimes, I feel bad seeing friends hanging out and post it on Facebook and I don't even get to know about that. Worse I emote when my comments go ignored. After a while, like 2 minutes of thoughts or something, I feel better. As I digest, I might have been too busy to be thought of. Whatever the circumstances, please don't feel bad for me. I know myself. I can tackle that. And, I'm not saying my friends should give me all-the-time attentions. I'm happy getting by with myself, and maybe I've not joined them in most of the gathering, and thus the isolation. 
  24. I have fears but the two of the most irresistible ones are fear of ignorance (not knowing things and be educated; that's why I struggle to make time to read) and fear of running out of reading materials to read, which we have the word for that but I don't remember what's called. 
  25. When people ask me how I am doing and have been up to, my answer would just be familiar: I'm good. Everything's great. And you? Yet, internally, a whisper echoes:  I really hope you can spend hours visiting my brains, the inside part of it, to really take glimpse of and really know how I'm operating!
  26. Despite my natural introversion and lately suppression of thoughts, I'm thinking expressing one self could help solve one's problems, to some level. For that, I salute those bloggers who keep writing despite knowing that their online complaints of their ongoing living would just be dramas to others. 
  27. I still love watching movies. Duh! I mentioned that above. For ones that are produced based on books, I have this little temptation to go and get the book and read and see how the book version is so different from the movie version. One that I've recently done that with is The Best of Me, which is quite different from the book itself (and I feel crushed after going through the book). I'm looking forward to doing the same with The Longest Ride by the same author. 
  28. I've been trying to work things out to figure the purpose of my life. I read all the books because I don't want to go in and out the world and feel ignorant, and to gain some thoughts that might lead to finding my ways of life. Lately, I think what I've been up to doesn't seem to shed light. Only when I recovered from a big flu these past days, I've come to peace of mind on how I should live my life. Rich, wealthy, well-educated and perfect aren't going to settle in and I will not try to think more on it. A good life, I decide, is to live in the moment, have fun with life, do some exercise, spend times and do things for my beloved persons, and, along the way, read some good books. 
  29. Some of the things I write in this post might be not so true as they result from the suppression I've been trying to push to put words for a new post. My head might be mistackling the hands who are just following the orders to type. Or, they are true but weird to you. 
  30. I've gone out to places. One reason leading up to this I want broader perspectives on life and love. :D 
  31. I have this little argument in my head. I seem to be defying what's being held good-to-do by many. Take travel for example. Most say it would teach you things and urge us to do more of it as much as we can. I agree, to an extent, and would look forward to as many as I could go on. Yet, I feel that staying at home might also teach you things. Getting lost in a book where you can really learn from the characters. Observing how your relatives do things will also teach you. Plus, I rarely see people who have travelled much so passionate about learning and sharing what they've learned during their trips besides just all-the-awseome photos they've choosen to share on their social media personal account. 
  32. Whatever come to your mind after reading the above facts, including this one, about me, have this in mind: I'm just, like you, another human beings, and we all have struggles to overcome. Good lucks to us!

We've reached the end of this agreement. Thanks for reading! Honestly, I had in my mind, at the beginning for the post, that I'd do up until 49. The energy and ideas ceased to mingle along the way. 

Maybe, I should be telling you, too, about my well-being. I'm doing just fine for now! During those time of silence, a lot have happened, from which I've learnt and grow-ed. Life is a precious gift, and I hope my friends out there are doing fine and going great too with their lives. Let's stop here before I whirl out of this article. Thanks you very much for reading once again, awesome readers!  

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  1. Can't wait to see more trivia about you (the rest 17 things)

    1. Hi Roth,

      It's great to hear from you. Thanks for spending time reading. :D

      I hope to continue keep this blog alive and breathing. Hope might wither or materialize. :)

      Thanks again. Good days to you.

      Nicest lucks,

    2. Let's materialize the hope. If not often, you may think of publishing it once or twice or thrice a year. So still, it means you continue writing. :)

      Keep the good work, aren't I right?

      Thank you for sharing your writing.

      Best of luck,


    3. Hi Roth,

      Many thanks for the nice words. :D

      I'll try my best. Not a promise, though.

      Don't forget to be awesome for today, tomorrow, and the whole week, and month.

      Nicest lucks,