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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Perfect Boyfriend.....

Ladies are to be well treated and taken care of, swings a saying. True. For example, your beloved girlfriend! Another example: you, lady! Don't fall for me yet, just for that, though. :P

I'm no love guru or expert but, well, writing this one doesn't itch me much and require a lengthy experiences of love. For you girls out there, admit it, you want a perfect boyfriend. Okay, let's shoot my delusional thought; you all, ladies, don't necessarily need and want a perfect boyfriend, but a one who, well, you define him, ladies. LOL :p

So, what kind of a boyfriend do you want? How would you want yours to be? Do you like the ways yours is exhibiting at the moment? You know, there are exactly things that a so-called perfect boyfriend doesn't do. Call me a liar, but it's true and the truth is crafted below.

So a perfect boyfriend doesn't.....
  • drink beer.
  • go pick her up late.
  • dump her. 
  • smoke.
  • take his games more important than her. 
  • yell at his lover under no circumstances. 
  • cheat with her friends on her. 
  • forget their anniversary.
  • break his promise.
  • let her hit the bed without texting her "Good night; Sweet dream, babe."
  • let her go to hospitals/clinic alone.....(when she's sick, heh)!
  • make her wait.
  • talk about sex. (Still on research, this one)
  • unreasonably get jealous when seeing her with another guy.
  • ignore her texts no matter what. Believe or not, some even rush from the toilet to just reply the text. 
  • make his lover feel alone when he's there. Platinum truth; if yours is doing this, well, you decide, ladies.
  • blab about her baddies to his friends. 
  • piss her off when he's angry.
Now your turns to fill some. A good boyfriend doesn't:

  • forget her birthday and what she likes. 

  • winks at other girls while he's with her.

  • go on bed with other girls.

And the last one is the most controversial, and true, thing that provokes doubts, worry, joke, and laughter.

A good perfect boyfriend doesn't 
  • EXIST!
Nor the bad one!


I'm speechless too. So maybe stop looking for a perfect one; seek a one that, umm, you think can fill in your life-holes and go through life, no matter how hard, with you for the rest of your life. Choose wisely, huh! 

And, I'm available. LOL :p 
Another joke for you, huh! :)
Nice day, people! 

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Perfect boyfriend doesn't exist.' LOL you just nailed it!
    The so-called perfect girlfriend doesn't exist either.
    We just have to deal with them, the not-so-perfect folks and fellas! ;)

    BTW, this is what I think about boyfriend thingy:

    want you to know women's perspective as well :)

  3. has ha, I just checked the post; good one. :) was about to drop a comment yet, well, ladies forum; so...

    LOL, I would say it's more of your perspective; not all women's.

    Just my ideas, nowadays, without big gizmos like Samsung or iphone, ipad, etc and big car or steady reliable financial foundations, I guess that's it; who will need a warming caring hand from a boy who's so poor?

    Hes he, just my ideas. :) :p

    1. lol and that's just your perspective too. Some women who already have those things may be looking for something different (I think) :D

    2. Yeah, agreed to your latter comment. I'm not saying something or judging girls or ladies; just feel like love nowadays is attached to wealth. And, then it comes to the "mind" part. LOL, thinking of a blogpost on this issue. But, well, out there, quite many amazing true loves. :)