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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Arrival of Jason

The darkness of the night didn't even dare to chime. It stood still and worked it way, waiting for the sun to shine. I was completely serenaded in a good undisturbed sleep. I didn't remember, though, seeing the moonlight that hit the earth. Too comfortable in a tasty slumber. 

This is not a love story nor a sci-fi novel, folks. A simple post, huh!

The phone rang.........

"Open me the door, please!" the voice on the phone flew in my ears. 

"Okay, mum, please! I'm sleeping." was my innocent little-annoyed reply. 

"Open the door. You got a new cousin." 

Wait? What? Oh, he's coming! The one longly-awaited. 

It was the early morning of Sunday, 31 March 2013.

New member in the house. Yay, a boy, mum told me. 

The next three days, my aunt was back home with her newly-born son. 

Cute, ain't him? LOL, everyone in the house and every relatives and friends, upon seeing him, have good words for him. 

He has his father's nose; two little plumb cheeks cling there on his face. Little hair. Not so much "crying" like his older two-year-and-some-months-old brother. 

Calm and lovely, good-words my maternal grandma! 

It feels good, anyway, to have a new member. The previous two were his older brother, Nychole and another cousin, Sun, who came six months ago. 

Now, kids all around the house. My time is over. Nychole, the leadplayer, Sun, the calmer, and now, Jason, the not-know-yet.

Jason is his name. Ouch, I'm envious.

Check out more of his photos:

Jason is sleeping

Still sleeping. Like a boss! :p

Time for milk! kekeke :)

With his bro, the hyperactive kid in the block! Nychole and Jason, the brothers!

Mummy, hold me, please! I want to go play, like my brother! :)

Finally, I just hope these two kids grow up good. Well, they will, I insure. As they have their supportive and caring parents and brother cousin like me. 

Welcome to the world, bro. Have a good life a head. 
Warning: no big gizmo like iphone, ipad, etc; only heads and hands that care and help.  

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