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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Graduation: Wow!

Graduation day will be great and awesome, one remarks. Others advise: It's gonna be the one of the most memorable day in your life. Well, everyone know that and I can't help but agree to the spread sayings. It's true: gradation feels fabulous. And if you experience one, you know how wow-awesome it is. And, I know it. Shh! It's just a phase of life! :)

So, it's April 2nd 2013 and Tuesday morning look shines cool. I got up while the dawn is still rather thick. Pristo, bingo, bongo, chick, chuck! I'm at the graduation place: Koh Pich, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The sun finally comes up and people scatter the place. There you go! People wearing various-colored gowns; girls on their make-ups (and smart outfit, of course) and men on their mature dress. What, though, that quite scratch me is that I don't have that classy glitzy gizmo to clutch and show off. Too bad, yet not a big matter. It's my graduation day! Graduation Day, I repeat! Yeah, seriously, graduation day. 

So, I turn around for my classmates. Where the heck are these clowns, I think? They just don't show up yet. Clowns should be earlier at the gig, right? Well, then, clowns appear one by one. It's time for dude greeting and chatting. Guess what's next? Please, photo time. "Wait! I want in too." shouted someone. Shots after shots after shots....after shots...after shots. Time for ceremony. 

Then, it's time for photos shot again. More and more and more with styles and styles. 

Graduation, honestly, feels great as you finally sense your hard works during your college. It's time to smile and cheer. Proud of yourself, really! 

Despite such, there are certain people who are to be cordially and honoredly be grateful to. And, as for me, those people are:

1. My family, especially my beloved parents: seriously, without them, I don't know where I would I have been now; you may not be reading this too. Well, since birth, they have been there for me, giving all the supports in the world: emotional, financial, parental, and whatever-ial. I just can't thank them enough. Love you, mum and dad! This boy have nothing but this heartfelt gratitude for you. I'll challenge myself more. :)

2. My instructors: well, to be exact, the instructors whom I luckily chanced to study with at the college. In many ways, they challenge me and, consequently, change me. During the time, they set up homeworks, assignments, projects, quizzes, tests, and more, which I disliked and doubted. Yet, those things do I (and other friends) a lot of good. Words can't just describe the feeling; but, I do revere them and thank them for their teaherly guidance and advice. Thank you very much, all my beloved teacher. Finally, this kid you once teach-ed grow up a bit. And, there are more to go. 

3. My university. Thanks for the hard disciplines and study-friendly environment. Head bows to those staffs who work their butt off for the school and us, students. Library people, management teams, security people, and all the staffs. Thanks from a boy who once studied there. :)

4. Friends: more like mates, I guess. No, no, no. unrelated brother and sisters. More like clowns, has ha. :) Words can say but I don't want to make them say, so, friends, we all know that. Thank for this friendship. More to go, huh! Good lucks, guys!

After all, graduation tastes good and you gonna awe at it. Feel proud and fun during graduation. Okay, time for more, I bet. Go for good! And, to all juniors, work smard (SMARD)! Keep having fun, huh. 

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