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Monday, April 1, 2013

3 Little Inspirations from The Sea and Beach

Ever go to the sea and enjoy the breathtaking relaxing view, folks? What did you enjoyed there? The sea? The view? The food? Well, almost all, I guess, unless you are dumb or sicked. Okay, now we shall go the story. In below, you will read there little inspirations from the sea and beach. Unbelievable? Well, check out, then. 

The water of the see is salty (not yet to mention the liquid people add to it; if you know what I mean!) and we all know that. Well, no one want to taste the salty water raw. Would you, literally? Yet, we all shall not forget the fact that seawater yield good benefits too; it brings out salt, is home to various sealife, which we enjoy as food. Alike, the taste of life is not always sweet, naturally and not to add all the problems that we impose into it. Not many enjoy those not-so-sweet but still we get to live our respective life. So, what is the point here? Well, life is just like seawater. While seawater is salty and not many people enjoy the taste, there are still some good things of seawater. Same for our life: the taste, literally, is not perfectly sweet and not many, too, want to taste that taste but still there are good things in life. Plus, we can choose either to enrich the seawater either by help valuing it or by not contaminating it with rubbish and other toxic substance uncaringly exposed into the sea. The same is for life: we can either enrich it by valuing it and living it in a way that desiredly benefits us and others or by not causing more problems into our respective life. 

Not so inspirational, right? Yeah? Okay! We'll go to the second inspiration. 

I once visit the sea, and to be exact, the beach. After the uproarious plays with my mates on the beach and sea, we took a rest; some went strolling while some went relaxing at the nearby store. As for me, I took a saunter under the shining evening sunshine. As I strolled carefrelly along the beach to another end, my eyes witnessed many things: people convivially whirling in the sea with their friends, some sat under the sunlight relaxingly, some happily riding a small oil-geared boat in the wavy sea while several couples, hand in hand, sauntered along the beach. As I walked to explore the other end of the beach, I left footprint on the sandy beach. The breezy evening wind almost took my soul away. Ways too relaxing. Yet, I noticed something (yeah, something). I noticed that every footprint I made was wiped away by the seawaves that hit the beach. One by one, no matter how shallow and cute my footstep was! The point is: you gotta walk up and see ahead even if your past is holding you back; just like these footsteps; no matter how deep, still it has got to be wiped away and there will no more footprints if you stand still. YOU GOT TO MOVE FORWARD! FORWARD IN YOUR LIFE! That means, no matter how bad or good your past is, keep going and living. FORWARD, remember?

The third, and final in this post, inspiration from the sea is the sea itself. How? Well, the sea is more like our respective life. The sea get hit by the big waves and played by many people; that way, the sea lost its natural sublime quality; yet, still, there are those who like and love to spend time at the sea. What about our life? Yeah, we get hit by various obstacles and many dump and play us, and still out there there will be people who want to be nearby us and have us as companion. So, kindly stop the upset before you start to feel ashamed, comparing yourself to the sea.

Lastly, hope you all enjoy this post. Yet, one more cautious thing to alarm you. Even the beach and sea can give you inspiration; well, simple enough: it's time for you to pursue or create yourself some inspirations to look forward and to live for. Have fun living, babe folks! :)

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  1. Oh, thanks God I didn't stop after reading the 1st one, because I like the 2nd inspiration :D

  2. lol, has ha, thanks; lol, is that how blogger motivates one another to keep on blogging? lol :p

    1. u can say that :D it's more like dragging people to the same boat. lol

    2. what if there are big waves and blogger like me cant really swim? lol. Any safety guaranteed? hes he :D

      has ha, actually, I, too, am kind of addictive to writing. Has ha, I think of what to write/blog during my other daily activities. Maybe, soon, I will blog about this kind of thing.

      So, you living in NY or just go to study there, senior blogger? lol, too big a word. :p

    3. hmmm...if there's a big wave... (FYI: I'm still taking swimming class), so we'll drown together! Lol's not only me who have writing disorder ;D high-five!
      Yeh, I live and go to school in NY, my younger blogger! And u're in Phnom Penh?

      Frankly, I enjoy reading personal blog like yours. I barely came across with by-male blog you know. Hope u'll blog about ur kind of things soon :)

  3. lol, lol. yeah, I'm a PPer. Lol, you'll know more about me soon coz I'm thinking about a blogpost about me; soon, I bet.

    For the writing disorder thing, I guess, we, respectively, will needa find a new word to describe the symptoms. To me, it doesn't sound fit. :D

    lah, lol. Accepted. Actually, I find joy in writing and just didn't do it so often, back into the past. More exactly, I facebooked more; Yet, then, I realized I need a more appropriate platform to put my things and thoughts.

    Hmm, I agree with your claim that there are not so many blogs run by male fellows. There are more ones by female bloggers. And, I goosebump, you know, going through each blog, yours counted in; if you know what I mean. lol :D :p

    Also, this blog is all about me, so, well, your hope is granted and will be---not with a promise, though---fulfilled. Hes he, I hope I write more. :D

    Thank for your enjoying. Keep the zeal; I appreciate that. :)