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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Birthday Cheers...

Disclaimer: You can just ignore this post which is personal. Not for you; anyway you may want to have a read. This, though, is specially written with a purpose. So here it starts:

Life is so precious but also weird sometimes; it depends on one's thought and perspective about it. Feeling bad, feeling awesome, and feeling nothing. Still a life for a living. Yet, trust me, you gonna wow, at some stage. 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Letter To You

Subject: One good lesson well-learned
To: Someone
Cc: People involved

Dear you:

I have been staring at the letter for quite a long time before my brain and hand were convinced to cooperate. Most of the time, you showed up in the head while the hand craved for your pictures. You're gone, I know, but my crazy head doesn't seem to know and digest the philosophy of letting go. The past has been walking in and I been tricked to watch the replay (and to rewind it), which is both smiles-making and saddening. I doubt how long more should I be watching this movie, the one I used to enjoy and want to keep enjoying; yet the movie is hurting me. The "Nothing is impossible" thing is a lie, at this content. The movie, I sense, will no longer be available. 

Monday, March 25, 2013

5 Old-but-gold Songs from Cambodian Artists

You do listen to music, don't you? Well, everyone does! One could be weird if s/he doesn'ttuck music in. What types of music do you listen to and enjoy, anyway? Rock? Country? Blue? RnB? Hip Hop? As for I, I don't discriminate any music available for soul-refreshing, which means I listen to all kinds as long as the music consoles my ears and souls and brings me on a journey of good-feeling seeking. Rock, country, blue, RnB, Hip Hop or whatever, they are just cool when they are cool in my ears. And, surprisingly to you maybe, I listen to all songs: Khmer songs (though some are not originally produced), of-current-trends Kpop which is now virally contagious and western ones that really share a huge picture in music world.  

Friday, March 22, 2013

15 Inspiration-stitching Quotes Not to Miss

Bored? Yes? No? 

Down? Yes? No? 

Either yes or no, that is fine because you are here, on this blog. 

In case of a YES and you are feeling bad about yourself because something have gone wrong and beyond your sublime expectations, which is normal because as human beings we all undergo many tastes of life experiences, you may wanna flip through the following quotes which may uplift your soul and help you restore your hope and re-galvanize your brain and thoughts. 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

An Unrevealed Love Now Sadly Confessed

I know we had been secretly sneaking glances at one another, but would never ever face to face talk what was on our mind. And things turned out to be what they were supposed to be; you and I ended up with lots of word left unspoken, care left unaddressed, with love left unrevealed, with pain left unhealed and with tears left untamed. It was not an easy feeling at all to see the one whom we had been investing our mind on be other’s possession. Would the time recede back? Would we sit and talk? Would he understand our regret? Would I be him and would you see me in his face? Would? Would? And would? Countless “would?” would never remedy all these pain, all these loneliness, and all these crazy things I had been too coward to not let you know. It hurts profusely everywhere when this pops up in my mind, and I perceive you share the same feelings. Why do not you give us another chance? Why cannot your hurt be healed by my care or loyalty? Is my love late? Will you be a bit kind to your mind, his and mine? Will and will and will you and I make this love be a you-laugh-and-I-laugh one?