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Monday, March 25, 2013

5 Old-but-gold Songs from Cambodian Artists

You do listen to music, don't you? Well, everyone does! One could be weird if s/he doesn'ttuck music in. What types of music do you listen to and enjoy, anyway? Rock? Country? Blue? RnB? Hip Hop? As for I, I don't discriminate any music available for soul-refreshing, which means I listen to all kinds as long as the music consoles my ears and souls and brings me on a journey of good-feeling seeking. Rock, country, blue, RnB, Hip Hop or whatever, they are just cool when they are cool in my ears. And, surprisingly to you maybe, I listen to all songs: Khmer songs (though some are not originally produced), of-current-trends Kpop which is now virally contagious and western ones that really share a huge picture in music world.  

Yet, sadly, in Cambodia, people don't usually give a count on categorizing music they should listen to (well, there are those who do, though). In Cambodia, music industry is still progressing and most of the songs produced are not well accepted by people, especially those who value originality but who don't enoughly support (and help to grow) originality. Weirdly (in a way that it's not weird any longer because it has been too weird), one might be guffawing a "What? Copied and covered music in Cambodia?" Well, it's not something new. Many of the music production companies in Cambodia (in Phnom Penh, to be exact), do a lot of covers from other music all around the world. mainly there is a slight adaption to the music with a newly composed lyrics. The point, though, is covered music should not necessarily be ignored. As for me, I don't care if the songs are copied (with changes to lyric); as long as it sounds cool with meanings dubbed in it, that's it. 

The above depictions doesn't importantly guarantee and contribute widely to that Cambodian doesn't have talents in music production. To be honest, one thing other music of the world should be ashamed and can't do the same to Cambodian music is the fact that Cambodia has what we call Cambodian traditional music, the music that unites people and induces happiness and national cooperation. If you have ever heard of Romvong, Rom-Kbach, Talung, Madison, Chok Kompes, and etc, I'm sure, you will well can tell how fabulous and awesome these music sounds.  

One important point that you may as well know is that Cambodia sees and houses some talented figures in music. Apart from singers from the past who still earn values and respect from nowadays people, there are also young talents that are stirring and gearing music in contemporary Cambodia. Preap Sovath, Khemarak Sereymon, Ouk Sokankanha, Nop Bayyarith, Sapoun Midada, Chhay Virakyuth, Nam Bunnaroth, Meas Soksophea, and many more who are hitting on contemporary pop music in Cambodia. Most of their songs are love-related and heart-broken songs. And, trust me, they are not bad. Their voice, performance and styles can be compared and are one to listen, watch and copied. 

 Sorry, anyway, for dragging quite far here. Shall we go to the "old but gold"s now? Yeah, we shall. So, now I'm introducing five (five) cool songs that are meaningful, some of which are broken-hearted and can be romtanticizing. I will try to explain the meaning of each song, too. Get set? Yet, again, this is my playlist. Here we go:

1. Kous Tvear Besdong by Preap Sovath: So, Preap Sovath, Cambodian lead contemporary male singer who has been in music industry for ages sings this really a lot well and the sound and meaning are just there though the time ticks forwards. The songs reveals about a man who is loving a woman and sings out his thoughts to see if the lady will accept him. Been a Hangmeas Company singer, Sovath, besides this cool songs of his, have wired lots of styles and awesomeness for his audiences and supporters. Well, I'm one of his supporter. And, this song, duh! Always in my playlist! Let check it out, here:


2.Trov Katt Chet Dermbey Anakut Onn by Sapoun Midada: Well, you guess what? Sapoun Midada is, let's just call him, a guitarist guru. His composition and music once hit and went viral all around the nation. The guy with long hair and a guitar in his hand and pain in his heart. Well, he soared from the unknown and became a famous Hangmeas Production singer. Back then in his start and growth period as a singer, in 2006 as I remember, everyone kids on the block know the lyrics to his songs. And, no doubts, he was invited for many concerts across the town and country. And, this song of his, well, needless to say, was once on the top list of "the most liked songs". A man who was to be strong enough to let go his since-childhood lover and to wish her a good love journey ahead. Tear-strained! 

3. Pel Velea Min Sak Som by Num Bunnaroth: Perhaps the young talent in town, huh. Num Bunnaroth is a multi-art talent: a singer, a composer, and he co-found Town Production. He sang for several production in the past before he started his own recording studio. A guitar-lover, Bunnaroth is known amongst Cambodian teenagers as a young, soft-voiced, and stylish composer and lovely singer. This one song of his does really push him up in the air of fame. The song is about a man who thinks he is not in the right time to love his girl who is in deep love with him. 

4.Besdong Kmean Chheam by Nop Bayyarith: So, this song by renowned and cool Bayyarith brings us back to the time this small-build singer started his career as a singer. The songs details about a man who truely loves his lover who is leaving for another guy. Bayyarith is singing up his mind that he loves her damn...damn much and telling how much he loves his girl. Heart-breaking and romantic, yet again. Like Midada and Sovath, Bayyarith secures a place at Hangmeas Production where he has been singing since the commence of career in 2000s. Bayyarith is known for his petite body and voice that mesmerize. He is called as "young-faced but old-voiced singer". Get serenaded by this song of his:

Next, the fifth one! How are the first four, dear folks? Not so gold? I guess not. Have another hear, please! Ways cooler!

5.Mday Bombek By Sok Raksa: Another romantic song, here, huh. Sok Raksa, a male singer in town who is also skilled and passionate in guitaring. This song is produced by Hangmeas Production where Raksa used to sing for. Now a Sunday Production singer, Raksa is known in the town for his skills in guitaring and composing. This song of his, though, narrates on a man who is to lost his long-year lover who is forced by her dear mother to get married. Raksa, in this song, concerns his worries that his true love is fully ignored and he would not be able to forget his lover though he can let go his souls to other man. What a song! I just can't help rewinding the song. 

So, how's the songs? Not so gold, as stated? Well, you miss the meaning, then. Listen again maybe. Apart from these, there are more cool cool songs from Cambodian singers, though some of the songs are covers or copied. Again, as for me, it's not the concept of originality that sounds but the meaning of the songs that hits. There are more Cambodian artists that you "can't underestimate" and there are real talents beings here in Cambodian music industry. 

And to all national critics, kindly criticize wisely and be understanding.

Grab a music, though, and play it and enjoy it. Have fun, folks. :)

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