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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Lightening Words of Inspiration: Hunter Hayes's Invisible

Man, I love this one. Hunter Hayes comes back with an inspiration. I'm not a complete total fan but I gotta say this handsome guy with this kind of consoling voice and this soothing song of his that would curl the mind are off-the-hook.

Friday, April 25, 2014

66 Random Thoughts on A Feelingless Sappy April Night

It has been a day, a really tiring day and week. Life still goes on. So, tonight is kinda blue despite the natural darkenss, the darkness outside that is completely clueless and blind and being flirted by half-breezy April nighty wind. The feeling is none and the following ideas generate out, unafraidly.
  1. It's kind of happy to just relax after the lunch, doing some reading online. 
  2.  It's not always about the money; sometimes, something is too much priceless that money cannot play an effect. 
  3. Girls might be tough to read but if in a serious relationship they all want these: appriciaiton, care, security (financial, one of which), future, trust, love, honesty, initiatives, and sweet memories. 
  4. The most honest and sincere vision-led politician ever in this world is "mother". 
  5. Family will always matter most than other things in one's life. 
  6. Selfies on Facebook and other SNS will somehow get your appreciated but won't get your goals accomplished. 
  7. Watching movies doesn't have to be at only those swanky cinemas. 
  8. The future is flourished with efforts and hard work, not with procrastination and laziness. 
  9. Lifestyle is a noun and refers to different choice people choose to live their life. A modern lifestyle is a way of life while simple lifestyle is another. Sadly, so far, to the crowds, modern lifestyle is the only exclusive definition of lifestyle. 
  10. Success should be self-defined. Those success theories circulated can be learned from yet you've got to work out and define your own meaning and formula of success. 
  11. Friends are a part of life. Some are real while some are fake. Some still think about you despite the distance while some are busy making their life more meaningful. All you need to do is not to judge and keep this friendship going. You're blessed to have friends.  
  12. It doesn't matter how much and sweet your words are, actions are always matter more. Girls might like those sweet consoling words but they want to see the actions too. 
  13. Worrying over things doesn't make one a millionaire. 
  14. Bad days are part of a precious life; just don't mistake bad days for a bad life. 
  15. Twitter and Facebook will not get Harvard to grant you a fellowship/scholarship. 

Saturday, April 12, 2014

20 Awesome Love-Life Movies Quotes To Learn From

I was born and raised simple-ly as an innocent Cambodian boy. During my childhood, as other kids, I didn't think much about the future; I enjoyed those now-nostalgic childhood things and was quite care-freely childish, about which I wish I had been tapped into a more learning-conducing environment. 

I was sent to school and I have learnt to socialize. A part of me has always seek-ed (sought) out to allocate the meaning of my life. With that, at one time, I started to feel the magical awesomeness of learning and knowing life-related things and notion. The feeling inspires me and urge me to keep on learning things for life. 

Now apart from my academic world, which I feel I haven't achieved much but somehow satisfactory (and a part of me tells me to earn more achievement, which I feel convinced), I have usually tried to seek out to learn more through observing, reading, sharing, watching, etc. 

Among those knowledge-collecting activities, watching movies has always been a part of the routines and has somehow topped the priorities. Dating back briefly, I started the routine because somehow I felt that watching movies could be edutaining, though informally. In a phrase, watching movies sounds usefully good to me.