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Friday, April 25, 2014

66 Random Thoughts on A Feelingless Sappy April Night

It has been a day, a really tiring day and week. Life still goes on. So, tonight is kinda blue despite the natural darkenss, the darkness outside that is completely clueless and blind and being flirted by half-breezy April nighty wind. The feeling is none and the following ideas generate out, unafraidly.
  1. It's kind of happy to just relax after the lunch, doing some reading online. 
  2.  It's not always about the money; sometimes, something is too much priceless that money cannot play an effect. 
  3. Girls might be tough to read but if in a serious relationship they all want these: appriciaiton, care, security (financial, one of which), future, trust, love, honesty, initiatives, and sweet memories. 
  4. The most honest and sincere vision-led politician ever in this world is "mother". 
  5. Family will always matter most than other things in one's life. 
  6. Selfies on Facebook and other SNS will somehow get your appreciated but won't get your goals accomplished. 
  7. Watching movies doesn't have to be at only those swanky cinemas. 
  8. The future is flourished with efforts and hard work, not with procrastination and laziness. 
  9. Lifestyle is a noun and refers to different choice people choose to live their life. A modern lifestyle is a way of life while simple lifestyle is another. Sadly, so far, to the crowds, modern lifestyle is the only exclusive definition of lifestyle. 
  10. Success should be self-defined. Those success theories circulated can be learned from yet you've got to work out and define your own meaning and formula of success. 
  11. Friends are a part of life. Some are real while some are fake. Some still think about you despite the distance while some are busy making their life more meaningful. All you need to do is not to judge and keep this friendship going. You're blessed to have friends.  
  12. It doesn't matter how much and sweet your words are, actions are always matter more. Girls might like those sweet consoling words but they want to see the actions too. 
  13. Worrying over things doesn't make one a millionaire. 
  14. Bad days are part of a precious life; just don't mistake bad days for a bad life. 
  15. Twitter and Facebook will not get Harvard to grant you a fellowship/scholarship. 
  16. Your parents will not, for any circumstances, let you go out of their mind. 
  17. A person with many noble credentials is likely to be listened to and followed by. 
  18. Letting go is hard but one doesn't simply need to live in the saddening past forever. It's not where we all belong. 
  19. The importance of money and how it is employed to seek happiness might not lead you to pure happiness. Yet, you cannot deny that money plays an important part in creating happiness . 
  20. Silence is gold but the world economy doesn't need that kind of gold. 
  21. You don't have to be that highly educated to do well-impacted things for yourself and other people. 
  22. In the present time, Internet and wifi are the most needed thing in this world. 
  23. Lounging on Facebook won't get your academic and work-place assignments done and your teachers and supervisor won't just care about your lame reason for not having completing your tasked responsibilities. 
  24. Economics and politics are two fine interesting subjects.
  25. In this universe, being the most powerful and strongest will earn you the rights to do things, yet nothing won't surpass the pure nature of love. 
  26. Your parents are the most faithful persons in your life; they just don't stop believing in you no matter what. 
  27. People will "whatever" they like towards you. Accept those only that will motivate, inspire, give you benefits and make positive impacts on you and your life. 
  28. At one point in life, you gotta ask your current self where you want to go for now and push all those bullshit excuse away and start taking serious actions for a better life. 
  29. People, as they will and are by nature, will judge you, and that define them not you. 
  30. Reading is not costly these day; all you need is a real-enthused willingness to read. 
  31. Most of us have crush, at least once, in this lifetime. 
  32. We, human being, talk on principles but are highly likely to act on interest. 
  33. Jealousy can either haunt you at night or motivate you during day light. 
  34. Cambodia needs a more rapid, transparent make-life-better-more development. 
  35. There will be many friends who will happen during your life, and that is good. Only a few will be lucky enough to be your best friends and you are even luckier to have those few best friends. 
  36. Happiness is seeing your parents smile with the pride in their face brought up by you. 
  37. Psychology of choices believes that some choices one make in one's life will upset some people; and the important thing is to ignore that as, it always have been, men place utter importance on himself first before others. 
  38. Dreams can either be left unfulfilled, attempted to fulfill or even left untouched at all. Whatever way, the dreamer will face and go through some tough times. 
  39. The Psychology of choices also states that those who are upset by one's choice will too have some choices to make in life. 
  40. Education will get you out of ignorance and suppression. 
  41. You don't have to be like others; no one is born the same. 
  42. Most of us want to be rich but are somehow lazy to work harder to reach the richness we all fantasize. 
  43. According to linguists, having fun with the languages such as using languages in a weird, yet sounding way, would help one to develop his/her speed of learning that language. 
  44. Travelling is desirable for most people; some other people just want tranquility more. 
  45. When a lady spend the night talking to you, the next thing is to buy her flowers if you want to get into a relationship.  
  46. Some of the things you read on the net are hugely manipulated and it's of good advice to take good use of our brain.
  47.  To be in a serious long-lasting relationship is not about holding someone's hands for a while just because you feels s/he deserve such abrupt sweet thing. It all means holding each other hands for all the time in the world, knowing that both of you are destined to not let one another go and lose of sight of each other.  
  48. Sometimes, in life, not giving a fuck make us all feel better. 
  49. You cannot be 100%-ly happy when your family relatives are having problems. 
  50. Workplace is both a place for professionalism or a place of stress. 
  51. So far, in life, there, perhaps, is not perfect time for perfect things; all one need to do is to take the moment and make it perfect. 
  52. Some people can read and fully digest a book within just one night, day or week. Some others spend longer time to fully digest a book; some other spend almost their entire life to finish one. 
  53. They philosophize and say one's attitude is everything in one's life, and they are kinda be right and the philosophy sounding true. 
  54. Frequent sumptuous meals doesn't make one so healthy. 
  55. Love is just a four-letter English word among other words. People from across the world are defining that L word. 
  56. A research finding states that happiness is attached with spending money for experiences and not on materialism. Most people, according to that research, think they are happy. 
  57. Mistakes are good learning points and are thing that any people can make, regardless of their nationality and skills. 
  58. Psychology says: the longer a writing is, lower the chances one might fully peruse through and finish; I'm amazed you read till this point. You're awesome. 
  59. Everything happens for a reason or two; just make sure when things happen you catch the reason, huh. 
  60. There are several doubts we all face and should clear: should I do that? what if it doesn't go well? should I quit? What are they thinking about me, heh? Does s/he really love me? etc
  61. Rejection will happen at some point in your life. If it befalls you, smile and work on to improve yourself. 
  62. Learning never ends and it doesn't necessarily need to happen in only walled institutions. That's why famous inspiring and respected Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs and many other have changed or are changing the ways we live. 
  63. One should never disrespect their teachers. 
  64.  Stepping away from comfort zone, at first, looks uncertain, risky and dreadful but somehow we all have to take those leaps to feel and experience something new and meet new challenges. 
  65. Let's do some exercise, save some money and be honest in the serious relationship.
  66. Love is in the air. Period. 

If you do finish off these 65+1 thoughts completely, appreciate yourself. I appreciate myself for writing this up. See you at the next post, dear readers. Something more meaningful are waiting to be completed! 

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