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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Happy Khmer New Year 2013: Year of Snake

Let's just, first, thank whoever that I can manage to write this post. Thank I more, actually. :P

All Cambodians know that and are ready to welcome the new year and the new angel who will come, and, are classically believed, take good care of the universe. On that, actually, there is an interesting folk tale.

It was 13th April 2013, a Saturday. Like other Cambodians, my family and I clean the house and prepare all the tidbits in the preparation to welcome the new angel, a daughter of Ka-bel Mohaprom, a king devata in the folktale. The preparation was both tiring and exciting, though.

AFAIH (As far as I heard), the new angel names Tongsa Tevy; she will come to the earth and get crowned the great responsibility of taking care of the whole universe. FYI, there are seven angels (and daughters of) Kabel Mohaprom; the seven angels will take turn, each year, to take care of the world. That means, they will have to take care of Kabel-Mohaprom's head, which, according to the folktale, will bring fire (thus famine) if the head is passed into the universe and drain the ocean if it falls into the ocean. You may wanna know why Kabel Mohaprom has his head decapitated; that was, again as per the folktale, because he lost to a young man on a  question posed. Well, I guess Cambodians know that folktale; if you, non-Cambodian, are still in pursuit of knowing the folktale, there you go: the comment box. :)

Again, the new angel will be Tungsa Tevy; she comes to the coronation on Sunday and the time is expected to be at 2:12 am after midnight. That's cute.

That night, there were plan for me. Either I slept watching movies/TV and wait for her majesty's arrival or bumping my head in my pillow until the time the angel was expected to give her presence to the whole world. The latter plan won; sleepiness intoxicated my brain more.

Ting, ting, ting, ting, ting! The alarm roared on my phone and I knew full well it was almost time. My eyes frowned, though, and from distance I could saw light was on and my family chatting.

It's time to welcome the new angel for 2013 Khmer New Year, Year of Snake. B.C 2557

So, we all welcomed the arrival of Angel Tungsa Tevy and prayed for all the good things and that she would take care of us and the whole universe.

Another year, huh, to add to the age.

Happy Khmer New Year 2013, Year of Snake: B.C 2557. I do wish that the new angel take good care all of us, Cambodians. May all good good things be blessed upon you and your beloved ones: SUCCESS, WEALTH, HEALTH, HAPPINESS, BEAUTY, INTELLIGENCE, LONGEVITY, FUN, SMILES, JOY AND MORE.

Have fun and stay responsibly happy, beloved Cambodians.

Happy New Year 2013, after which normal life plays again. Have fun and.....whatever. :P  

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