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Monday, April 15, 2013

Khmer New Year Cheer

For one thing, Cambodia is a nice country to explore. Many sublime interesting historical sites, Angkor Wat, for example. Too, there are also dignified culture and tradition one shall be aware of.

As for now, it's Khmer New Year Day. And, there is something you may wanna know since it's fun-making and trimly convivial.

For music out there, we all have heard of viral Kpop, westernized RnB, Blue, Rock and whatever. Apart from these, Cambodia has another kind of music to showcase to the world, known as Khmer Popular Traditional Music which is....well, let's just see the video and have fun; and then you shall know how happy Cambodians are. Here we go; dance along if you wanna. :)

Too, this Cambodia traditional music helps bring along bonding unity and generate fun for all of us during Khmer New Year. And, trust me, it's just over-the-moon if you ever try dancing along with the music. Romvong, Rom-kbaj', Talong, Saravann, Kontreum, Jok Kompeus, Madison, Bolero, and more. You gonna be like: "WTF, geez, Cambodia, truely the kingdom of wonder."

Okay, we shall go to the music and dance now, huh. Sorry for the wait! :p

Fun, huh? Told ya!

Okay, shall we pause now? I'm getting tired; sweat like a boss now; like bathing. 

I hope you all have a good time here and, once again, Happy Khmer New Year 2013. 

Have fun responsibly and wisely. :P

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