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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

12 Best Hits from Sapoun Midada

Sapoun Midada? Who's this geek yet again? Geek? Okay, I assume you are not a fan of music in Cambodia. 

Honestly,  I have been his fan (beach please, not that swinging electronic gadget) since his first appearance in Cambodia music industry. His songs, oh my! and needless to say...well, I just like him more than Justin Beirber. And thanks to Hangmeas Production, a big and long-standing music and video company in Cambodia, for discovering this "talent" guy. 

In this I will show you some hits from him, those cool captivating and romanticized-meaning tracks that have really lifted his reputation in Cambodia. But before we go to explore his music, let's first briefly scrutinize this now-married guitar guru's pastfacts. 

Well, again, he's Sapoun Midada, a Hangmeas Production singer. A well-build muscular guy who hit many local headlines back in his start-up time. It was in 2006 (memory from my brain, huh) when he first appeared with Hangmeas Production. He hit the heart of listeners with his all romantic songs which were meaningfully lyriced and composed. Long-haired and  a guitar-lover, Midada started to soar, bits by bits, songs after songs, and albums after albums. A love-fail in the past, Midada integrated his past love stories into his then songs, which saw massive support and like. At a time, he found his true love and get married to a Cambodian beautiful singer, performer and actress: Seur Sotheara. Since then, Midada's fame started to be less talked of since he didn't actively involve in making more romanticized songs and showed up less in televised concerts. Still, his past tracks could cool you down and earn your admiration and appreciation. And, trust me, we'll all his music. Keep your trust and let's hear his music. 

1. Pdo Sala Pdo Chet

2. Derm-bei Avey Tov Onn

3. Krob Yang Dermbei Onn

4. Puk Ery Mae Ery

5. Niyom-ney Sneh

6. Mnus Smos Mnus Kbott

7. Choab' Bac II Chob' Sneh

8. Tgnai Jok-jey Ney Sneh

9. Kak Vey Lak Sneh

10. Reung Pit Ney Yerng Tang Bei

11. Boros Mnak Del Kit Dol Onn

And lastly his comeback song after not-so-active presence in music industry for a while; the song has just been released in March 2013. A cool nice song which is kept being rewinded on my playlist. 

12. 12 Chhnam Mun

Wow! 12 songs, huh! There are more, actually. Youtube him if you want more cool cool songs from this guru. 

Finally, hope you all enjoy these and stay tune for other posts. 

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