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Monday, April 22, 2013

The Afternoon Playlist

If you are a working staff at a office, you sure can tell how creepy it is during the lunchbreak. Either rush back home, after a long tiring and stuffed morning, to eat your cooked-by-mum foods and rush back to office or stay in the office and eat the typical not-so-yummy packaged food. Another choice, maybe, at the nearby canteen and, a bit modenized, at the local fast-food or renowned foodstore or restaurant. Or even further, the street food at nearby local market. (បាយផ្សារ) in Khmer.

Too mind-screeching! And, worse when you are eating normal food while others eat out at the nearby pizza star or high-class restaurant. For me, though, that type of self-thought envy doesn't clench my nerve. I only eat for survival. LOL. Though, I must admit I owe my parents for making the food for me though the food don't seem to be so, well, classy or something related to pizza or Japanese food.

Well, well, it's not about the food in here. Shall we relax with some cool songs after the lunch that is not so pretty yet well-liked? Yay! The song below are on my playlist and you shall hear them and relax.

Ding dong dong ding; here they come:

1. Sapoun Midada: ម្លប់ស្នេហ៍ដើមថ្កូវ 

Will you come back, my songsa?

2. Sistar: Gone, Not Around Any Longer. 

Goodbye, dear lover! 

3.Austin Mchone ft. Flo-rida: And You Say You're Just A Friend

Ouch! And, you say you're just a friend. 

4. Bruno Mars: When I Was Your Man

Her Reply: Wrong! You never were! 

5. Bunnarath: អូននៅតែនឹកសង្សារចាស់

After-the-song comment: Good job, lady! A man who loves you successfully is hurt by you. 

6.Sam: I forget the title

Cool, huh?

Watch your behind, folks. And last of all, the boss is back. Time to start the work again. Time for fun and relaxation never last longs. Time logic. 

Have a nice day, dear readers. 

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