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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Fine, just not happy!

Do you ever feel that the world is getting dark and ugly no matter how beautiful the surrounding is? You are standing right there, not wanting to move anywhere not because you can't physically step aside but because something heavy in your head is just too heavy to stiffen you still at the point; that kind of feeling! Man, what feeling should you define mine when I don't even remember the tasks I shall do?  What the a suck world it is when your hope is just not in you? What life is it when you feel all the bad things in the world in everything you are doing.

Fearful, hopeless, darky, what-the-f-am-I-doing and whatever and more; those kind of feeling. Not bad, I guess. That moment when you don't find any joy, not at all, in things you regularly do!  Kodak moment!

Better soon, Js! I hope so! I don't meant to be upset! I know there are some good-shit philosophized quotes and turn-you-back-normal inspirations on the net. I prefer writing, anyway.

Hey, should I be writing more? If so, what should be written? I can write more, here, people but what shall I really write? LOL, sound like I do a lot of Edgar Allan Poe's talk here.

I'm fine, actually, just not normally happy. Okay, deal! I'm back. It doesn't do me a lot good when I'm framed in a dark side.

Smile, baby smile. :)

Has ha, writing makes me feel better. :)

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