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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Is True Love Worth Fighting For?

Perhaps love is one of the things people mostly need in their life, a thing we all know, without which, life would be dull and ensnared. If dug deeper, there is another so-called sub-topic, which is quite more interesting and even more needed and complicated. TRUE LOVE! 

Does that true love really exist? You call, people. Personally, I think it does. I mean I have seen some couples fighting hard and struggled backbreakingly for their love and brought out the genuine, real authenticity essence of that four-letter word. 

Sometimes, a true love is all about the belief you hold in head. If you do convince s/he is the one, let's heart up and give it a fight those heart-weakening obstacles. If you do further your thought, another question may arise: how do I know s/he the one? Well, sometimes such dumb question can be only answered by your only self. And, only you. YOU, yeah, I mean!