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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Facebook: No More Maybe!

Things are getting a bit weird here. I don't know what I shall write for this blogpost. Yeah, seriously! I have no idea on what to blog here. This blogpost, perhaps, is just to chase away the doubting unclear what is going in my head now. But, wait, the title is Facebook something. Well, of course, something related to Facebook will be discussed here, below.We all have heard of Facebook and, yeah, have facebooked all around, I guess. For Cambodians, well, there are too many, especially grown-up teens and half-grown adults who do facebooking, I being of one of the sophisticated  enthusiastic crowd. Glory Facebook!  I'm not going to depict the bad things and good sides of using Facebook, though.

FYI, I started my Facebook account back in 2009; well, yeah, it's 2009 (I don't remember the month, yet). And, tell you what, I grew addiction on facebooking then. And, for now, I still facebook...hmm, like still quite a lot. At least, I have to see what's going on on the site, with my friends and family, in a day. Moreover, to be honest,  I used to sink in my head two notions about facebooking. The first one is that facebook is bad for me for some reasons while another shaking idea struck that as long as you wisely facebook you are advantaged. And, the two notions are just equally reasonable with arguments in my head. Oh my! I shouldn't be wasting my sublime thoughts on this little things called Facebook.

Please, don't yet call me a facebook addict. The doctor hasn't said so. :p

Well, after all, the latter seems to sight the victory and I still do facebook. Just to see what's going on with my friends, my family, news, this and that, and, still funny, philosophies on the site from various people and pages. Trust me, facebooking benefits you and if you wittily facebook it you'll see. Well, I know I'm not a facebook guru.

However, facebook is trekking on my nerves as there are churlish comments/posts, over-believed philosophies, excessive unethical trolling, unrelated advertisements, here-and-there cussed imprecations and more. Opps, people's right to post their mind, I forget. Apology for that! Maybe I'm not in a good mood recently. Whatever the case, their post is hardly my concerns and merely a sharing post. Keep on, folks!

Where is the "No More Maybe" part? Here it is. I think I'm reducing my time for facebook. No, not completely off from Facebook. For some reasons, I have to. In one short sentence I can tell you: there are more somethings cool and waneed-ed (want+need) for me to focus and fight for and those things are worth and effort- and discipline-required. Still, though, I will still facebook to get myself updated and edutained and informed with all the various things.

Finally, have fun facebooking, folks; you're still being watched. And, kindly facebooking smartly and wisely. Don't be a FB, huh!

PS: while writing this, I still have Facebook on in another tab of Chrome. If I don't follow my words here above, well, I know this is not a f*** to you, so......

Have fun facebooking, beloved people.

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  1. not a facebook addict! lmao, but play it everyday !! like coffee drinker who says who said drinking coffee is addicted, i drink it everyday.. hahahaha....

  2. same traits ta ey.

    Anyways, that was one year ago, heh. :D

  3. hehehhe.... so it is called addicted or not then ? :p

  4. There is a saying, "They say Facebook can make you addicted; I logged in, like every day, for like almsot 30 times, and I don't see and feel any addiction." has ha :D

  5. Replies
    1. mor bompul pariyakas man neng....

    2. what if I'm get poisoned man tan? :D

    3. hahahah... that is just what if .. not true pong ! Moreover , u can't get poison of it !! @-@

    4. well, literally, no I won't be poisoned; but the whole atmosphere of blog can be..,..:p

    5. ok , stop commenting anything houy !

    6. has ha, just, comment and do whatever you like to. :D