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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

17 Things the Rich Do/Say

Being rich is always one of the solemn purposes people on this globe dream of. Being rich here, though, covers only being rich by all one's struggles and efforts to work and to earn money legally, not by fates or being born into a rich family and inherit a large sum of wealth. However, still many people still end up living in mediocre condition of wealth or struggling hard with their living. In the following article of mine, I will share some ten things that rich people do/say. With all humbleness and honesty, I am just sharing what I have learnt (via a seminar), thus not trying to sound I am now an affluent accomplished guy who is sharing my own experience. No, honestly no. I'm just a simple guy too who want to be rich too but not yet am.  So, kindly be not confused or draw a portrait of a
boastful guy of me in your head. So here it goes, the 17 things rich people do/say: