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Friday, May 31, 2013

10 Songs That Make May 2013 Smile

May will take off soon and June will come; so why not cool down with some music, huh? The following list down what I've been listening to in the month. Maybe you wanna browse and see and give a shit. 

FYI, I listen to all kind of music (as long as they catch my ears and mind, that's it) so there are various songs here: Khmer, Kpop, and western. I don't want to bore you more about me so, well, let's browse the list. 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

15 Things About I When It Comes to Movie-watching

Movies and I are related, I guess. Back into my childhood and grown-up life, though I didn't watch too much movie, I enjoyed some cartoons--a kind of movie, I call it-- that were aired by then Cambodia TV channels and several Thai movies, especially one about ghosts and witches, that were then popular among Cambodians. Averagely, I spent only less than 2 hours a day for movie and TV things. FYI, then, during the 90s the only access I had to movies was through TV; no internet and going to the cinema. Things grew a bit when I turned teenager. Though I started to engage less on TV and on movie as most of the time was spent outside the house, I still found time for  movies, if any available, at night time via TV. Then, there were ancient-Chinese and Singaporean movies.  

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

In This World I Love Only YOU: A Song

The time does its tasks, droning forward, leaving me in a loneliness box and every day I smile, which doesn't mean I'm not facing problem and are there people out there who know I'm missing her? Any? I'm now like, physically, a battery-less watch; well, just only the outside body and the mind blown away; and the tears from my eyes yield and descend and I'm nostalgic and missing hard the song, the song we two used to sing with one another. 

Friday, May 17, 2013

Why do I still use Facebook?

Back then in 2009, some friends suggested I create a Facebook account. Well, I insisted and they too insisted and, finally, I got myself one without fully well knowing what the h Facebook is and how it works. 

Time passed and I learned and grew somehow addicted to the used-by-millions networking site. I mean, for example, when, at night, all of your friends are there, writing statuses and chatting; tempted enough! 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

8-dollar Engagement Ring

Let's just imagine this situation: your boyfriend propose to you with this 8-dollar engagement ring.....

So the ring costs 8-dollar; he's not that thrifty yet that's just what he can afford and he is showing firmness that he's muscularly ready to fight for the future ahead no matter what. He gets a steady job that generate moderate income for the daily living. On the other side stands a man, a kind-of-rich one, introduced by a reverent relative, who is more financially reliable. Physical and emotional reliability and dependence of you on your boyfriend sparks an out-weight compared to those of that man standing offering. 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Tribute to Sir Alex: Some Pics and Words

Let's just first of all throw, gently, a big congratulation to the Red for clenching another BPL title. There are many legends to really be grateful for and appreciate! Glory the Red! 

In the previous related post I, um, thrust out my feelings and appreciations toward the Red, the "Simply the Best" manager and his retirement from the football world. Still, now, I wanna see him continue for a few more years. Hmm, the boss knows what he's doing, anyway. 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Sentimental Question, Doubt, and Analysis...

The sea shines, the wave wings, comes and goes, the beach flaunts, the wind shoves, the beach organism rust still....and the sun rises and goes. 

Times really fly yet their wings have never been literally seen or captured. People live and curse; some miss and some are missed! Some others live with doubts while another some live in framed indignance. That's, yet again, life. 

Someone is still waiting while another is already gone. Keep clinging and doubting; the one gone will never be back. Or perhaps s/he will be a thousand years maybe. 

Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Poem for My Amazing Mother

When I first opened my eyes to the world
I saw a lady who sat smiling with a murmur
And long enough I doubted who she was
Finally, after I have discovered
She is my greatly amazing mother

She was my birth-giver

A great caretaker
And undoubtedly a forever timely lover
She is also a strong supporter
A firm believer in shaping my character

Friday, May 10, 2013

Legend, Off the Field....

The unexpected just happened;  The meaning of the "Hope for the best; expect the worse." is now literally flying in. LOL, keep reading, people! :p        

I just can't still believe my ears and rely upon my eyes. He's to be off; perhaps it's time to relax. Personally, yet, I still wanna see him lead and rock. The legend will be apart and there will be not much of him to be heard of---well, at least not like the time he rocked. Yet, surely, there is much of him to be remembered. 

The previous day I was writing a post titled Legend, Back in Business and now another post concerning the legend. Not the same legend, people. Another legend whose masterpieces can't be pieced off and ignored. Well, one may either hate him (because he hurt your favorite team) or label him a cheat, but you can't well ignore and deny the fact that he's a legend who has changed and influenced the football world. 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Legend, Back in Business!

I actually miss him. Quite a lot! Not that "miss" but, well, I just wanna see him back in business, just like in his past time. His voice and legency! His self-composed music that incorporates his lyrical love life with well-crafted lyric. I miss the above album; the songs, actually. Believe me or not (it's your choice), I can still hum and mouth out most of his songs. I listen more, though. That, anyway, doesn't mean I'm too cooed-up on him. Just a singer than whom I happen to outlike other singers in town. 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Happy Birthday to You, Bro!

The sun was scorching, bathing us, upper-naked, soaked with sweat. The dust might have flown in our nostrils and our skins must have been buffalo's. Still, we ran and hopped and played! That's some 15 years ago.

We galloped around and went  scavenging things around the neighborhood and we get tired and dirty; our mum lectured.....sometimes along with hits. That's cute, still. :)

We argued, yelled, fought, cheated and collapsed, yet the bond still live and breath........eternally forever.

And, now we smile and shoulder up and live. :)

Happy birthday to you, my man. Best wishes, bro! :P

The whole family (and world) know you're genius and, well, you are. Keep being the genius, bro. 

Happy birthday to you, my bro. 
Genius you are and the world treasure that truth.
Wish you all the best things in the world. 
Keep up your good works and spirits too. 

Happy birthday to you, my bro. 
And may Buddha bless you.
will all his sacred blessings. 
And, I hope you soar higher through. 

Happy birthday to you, my bro. 
And, you know what, you're awesome through.
And, please, keep playing that awesome. 
You'll be great.....great and we trust YOU. 


PS. I miss us playing things in the childhood. And, don't forget to do your homework.