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Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Poem for My Amazing Mother

When I first opened my eyes to the world
I saw a lady who sat smiling with a murmur
And long enough I doubted who she was
Finally, after I have discovered
She is my greatly amazing mother

She was my birth-giver

A great caretaker
And undoubtedly a forever timely lover
She is also a strong supporter
A firm believer in shaping my character

A good listener even when I whisper
Lifting up my soul when I’m in blur
Counseling me when I’m bothered
Thinking of me in no regard to where I was
Helping me fight against every life-distracter

Her love and care know no borders

She helps assure when I seem weaker
Believing I can be cleverer
She keeps smiling when I come to her
Ready to help at the corners

Hoping her mere kids will always prosper

Playing another role as a teacher
Educating and advising her kids to be better
Believing I’ve really transferred
To a top-per from being just mediocre

Perhaps stronger than a challenger

She works harder to be an earner
More than a responsible breadwinner
Who comes in my life to offer 
a warm chamber against the cold weather

The whole story can be made shorter

Mothers are just great lover
All-time caretaker and supporter
Sensible and sensitive worrier
And that’s my mother and indeed I massively and greatly love her.

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