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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Tribute to Sir Alex: Some Pics and Words

Let's just first of all throw, gently, a big congratulation to the Red for clenching another BPL title. There are many legends to really be grateful for and appreciate! Glory the Red! 

In the previous related post I, um, thrust out my feelings and appreciations toward the Red, the "Simply the Best" manager and his retirement from the football world. Still, now, I wanna see him continue for a few more years. Hmm, the boss knows what he's doing, anyway. 

In here, I will just paint (compile and share) some pictures and a few hearty phrases to the legendary coach. I can't guarantee the originality of the pictures, though; that means the pictures are garnered randomly from around the net. Well, some from Facebook and some from wherever on the net. Let's just forget about that. This post is merely purposed as a tribute to Sir Alex from a fan (supporter, heh) from Cambodia. Js Park. LOL; not the former Man Utd Korean Park Ji Sung. 

Yay! Here we go:

and last one:

If you want some more pics, do some google, Facebook, or surfing. 

Good lucks to the Red, the legends, the boss and the future is ahead. 

Again, well, the end of the post! 

Nice days, people!

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