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Friday, May 31, 2013

10 Songs That Make May 2013 Smile

May will take off soon and June will come; so why not cool down with some music, huh? The following list down what I've been listening to in the month. Maybe you wanna browse and see and give a shit. 

FYI, I listen to all kind of music (as long as they catch my ears and mind, that's it) so there are various songs here: Khmer, Kpop, and western. I don't want to bore you more about me so, well, let's browse the list. 
#10 Sovanreach's In Love With You For 3 Years

Not bad, I guess; this one! For 3 years and the answer is: we're just friends. Ouch!

#9 Taylor Swift's 22

I listen to her songs quite a lot since her songs are really something (and, well, they are). The fact that she has ditched many boyfriends doesn't make me stop my ears for her magical music. At some points, though, personally, she's a bit overrated, yet this one, don't miss it. That moment when I realize she and I are of the same age and we're completely different. Uh-oh! 

#8 Manith's Never Change

Come across this on the net; give it a listen and this sounds not bad; this guy is not that overrated as perceived by me.

#7 Virakyuth's What Can I Do if I Can't Forget You

I was watching this on a local TV channel and, well, this is one is cool and romantic and heart-wrenching. One of the longest MVs I've watched. My mind and eyes were totally captured during the watched. 

#6 Zono's  In This World I Love Only You

Zono is still cool, I guess. His songs at Hangmeas Production, a large mighty music and video production company in Cambodia, might go unnoticed for some, but not for me. Trust me a bit, this song of his is some kind of "I don't know; I just like it."! 

#5 Khem's My Heart Won't Survive Without You

Thanks Town Production! Finally this guy is back! You might not have heard of him; that doesn't mean he's yuck! What if I told you his voice is weighty? Well, again, for me, it's not the singer; it's the song that hit me. Grab this one slowly, guys!

#4 2NE1's CL's Baddest Girl

She's got small eyes and she's Korean! But then who cares? It's about music and her moves. When it comes to Kpop, one phrase from me: the same old shit that never gets to bore you. We all know that there will be nothing new in their MVs besides the music and the artist's moves; still we can't stop watching them. Seriously funny, I like the choreography and the flashy colorful eye-catching and their somehow-sexy moves in the MV. And talking about CL? She's electronic! And, weird, I don't understand the song even a word. 

#3 Justin Timberlake's Mirror

Actually I caught this one on V Channel; and it get aired days and days. Crazy, huh? Justin Timberriver! -lake, sorry! You may not like the music here, but, well, you shall appreciate its meaning. I feel like this one depicts and revolves around true love. So maybe peek a look on it. The directors is just beyond creative. 

#2 Therayu's He Might Not Be Thinking Like You

If you're a Cambodian and haven't watched this melodiously sweet MV, then spend some times on it. Sweet and creative line in there. Yet, to me, that's not new since I have encountered those phrases somewhere on the net before. Recommended, guys!

#1Thaat's I Can Look After Her, Really!

So this guy sings for Bigman Production, a music company based in Phnom Penh. Again, not about the singer but the song. And, this one, off-the-hook! 

So that's it? Is that what I have been listening to? More, actually. See you next month for the top ten. 

Now that music is on the world is temporarily shut. 

PS: With all due respect, do you give a s**t? :p

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