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Thursday, May 16, 2013

8-dollar Engagement Ring

Let's just imagine this situation: your boyfriend propose to you with this 8-dollar engagement ring.....

So the ring costs 8-dollar; he's not that thrifty yet that's just what he can afford and he is showing firmness that he's muscularly ready to fight for the future ahead no matter what. He gets a steady job that generate moderate income for the daily living. On the other side stands a man, a kind-of-rich one, introduced by a reverent relative, who is more financially reliable. Physical and emotional reliability and dependence of you on your boyfriend sparks an out-weight compared to those of that man standing offering. 

What would be your pick? Your answer must be well scrutinized and analysed since this is all about your future ahead.

I'm not challenging anything here; it's your pick so decide wisely wise. 

Check this out after your decision; get yourself juicily serenaded by the song below, huh. Guess what? I'm actually monopolizing him in my playlist. In this case, Taylor Swift is an overrate. LOL. And Justin Beirber. :p

Are you thinking of a new decision now? Still, make a wise one, dear ladies. I'd like to, with due respects, pose you all a quote: Whether you choose him or him (2 different him), you're right. You actually know more than me of love. :)

See you at the next post. 

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