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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Sentimental Question, Doubt, and Analysis...

The sea shines, the wave wings, comes and goes, the beach flaunts, the wind shoves, the beach organism rust still....and the sun rises and goes. 

Times really fly yet their wings have never been literally seen or captured. People live and curse; some miss and some are missed! Some others live with doubts while another some live in framed indignance. That's, yet again, life. 

Someone is still waiting while another is already gone. Keep clinging and doubting; the one gone will never be back. Or perhaps s/he will be a thousand years maybe. 

It was the drizzling-turn-shining evening of May 2000. The beach was soaked, either by the drizzle drops or the waves. Innocents get that! Poor you, beach! 

A doubtful duration of ten year just drifts and drones. 6 days to 10 years, to be exact. For 10 years and one still awaits. O'chher Teal Beach, the place one and "the gone" first met, started love, painted memories---and also a place where doubts, waiting, self-centeredness, and many whies sowed. 

A whole story in there, you know. Let's quote a phrase: "Come and see me at the sea, darl. I'll be there." 

The rush was like I'm on my way, sunshine, but that was, too, hurtful and aberrant. 

The feeling of the wait-er (a one who waits) is like: the Notebook is a whole punch of either lying or overfantasized storytell. 

The quotes should continue and should have exactised itself: when you miss me. I'll be right there, smiling at you." The clearly-embedded meaning of which is: I'm leaving you forever. Good luck with your life.

And the person who waits, too honest, awaits, still. And, who tells him to wait for that long? 

The question is still under sentimental doubts and analysis.  

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  1. To those who wait,
    ever wondered if it's a waste of time? or ever asked if it's worth waiting for?
    *I'm just wondering how a person could wait for such a long time* :)