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Saturday, August 17, 2013

7 Indie Not-to-miss Cambodian Blogs

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If you go to the dictionary, any, and look up for the word "indie", you will learn that this word is used to describe singers, bands, movie or songs. An indie song, singer, band and movie refer to that that is not affiliated or doesn't belong to any major companies. In other words, an indie album, movie, singer or band has little fund and resources for using in the production. 

But, how is this indie definition thingy related to this post title? 

Good question indeed! 

When it comes to blogging or web-designing, there are lots of, if not some, good sites and web out there that you can really read and benefit from. 

Most of them depicts great design, using various creative codes and tucking in with various I-want-this-also-on-my-site/blog gadgets. They look professionally attractive, in short. 

Yet the internet world don't neglect bloggers, those geeks who believe they have something to share or want to own a site where they can pin down their thoughts.