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Saturday, August 17, 2013

7 Indie Not-to-miss Cambodian Blogs

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If you go to the dictionary, any, and look up for the word "indie", you will learn that this word is used to describe singers, bands, movie or songs. An indie song, singer, band and movie refer to that that is not affiliated or doesn't belong to any major companies. In other words, an indie album, movie, singer or band has little fund and resources for using in the production. 

But, how is this indie definition thingy related to this post title? 

Good question indeed! 

When it comes to blogging or web-designing, there are lots of, if not some, good sites and web out there that you can really read and benefit from. 

Most of them depicts great design, using various creative codes and tucking in with various I-want-this-also-on-my-site/blog gadgets. They look professionally attractive, in short. 

Yet the internet world don't neglect bloggers, those geeks who believe they have something to share or want to own a site where they can pin down their thoughts. 

Blogging is not new, I guess. Millions of blogging writers out there on the net, huh! And, we should count in Cambodians. Well, the joke that Cambodian people can't really write is seeing its coffin; RIP, that joke. 

Trust me (you don't have to and it's your choice), there are Cambodians who write; yeah, professionally and amateurishly and emotionally (especially, gentle ladies). 

At least, they have ideas to share. Be kind and read, maybe. :D

Passing through blogs is a usual for me. I read news sites, and within clicks, get transposed to various blogs. 

Well, not to waste any more of the time, let's browse through some indie blogs below. 

Lo and behold, people, they are good. And, good! 

1. Believing in Life

Do you believe in life? The owner of this blog does, immensely. A Cambodian-born adult who lives in New York, Prathna writes quite a lot about what she has been experiencing in her life. The first time I linked into her blog, I thought she should have been a columnist in some news bodies. If you have some times, well, go and see what she has been writing and sharing on her blog. 

She and I are vice-versa each-other blog-readers; we read each other's blogs, in short. 

PS. She would want to be called a senior blogger by me. 

2. Chinnoca

What an extraordinarily ear-juicing name, heh! Another blog in town to read, I guess. I don't remember how I first caught her blog. What is so special about this blog are that it looks simple, fresh and visitors-friendly. And, above all, the blog-runner, Nochiee writes a lot about various issues. 

Well, I am in no position to rate her blog, but Nochiee writes awesome. You gotta read her shared writings, man. 

Eighteen and a college senior and she blogs! And, check out her blog, maybe. Her real name, as per my hunch, is Noch, I guess. 

3. Cambodian Daughter

If you may excuse, go and read this blog.  I guess she is not just a blogger. From her writings, I pick up that she loves reading, writing and, just like Nochiee and Prathna, doing photography. Wait, what? Why girls love photography so much, huh?

I almost forget to mention her name; she's Sovathary and a Bachelor-degreed scholar. She majors in teaching English, if I'm not wrong. Well, I'm sounding like a nosy-parker stalker, huh. 

Don't believe me yet that she writes prettily and a lot yet prove me wrong, if so, with the numbers of followers at the bottom of her site. 

Another prospective writer from Cambodia, I hope. And, more, she's a cartoonist and has a blog for that. Go check her blog for more information. Visit her blog here.

4.  តាម៉ាប់ យាយម៉ាប់

A blogger in town who blogs both in Khmer and English. Seriously, you gonna find this blog informative, things about Cambodia places, cultures and life. 

The guy running this blog, as I heard, has a dream. A big one. I lay all my wishes for that. 

He is another who pursue a Bachelor degree in education at IFL, RUPP, if I'm not wrong. Graduate this year, I guess. 

An informative and precise blog there and here.

5. A glimpse into my life

I am not on solid sureness but I get to know who runs this blog. A man who once was a teacher of mine at college. 

Hope my guess sparks a mark. 

Well, you gotta appreciate his writing. A Nicholas Spark fans, yet he sound and writes like a novelist. Want touchy and descriptive language? Check out his writing. 

And, to teacher, this is me, your ex-student. I remember how joyful it was to sit in your class, learning writing. Like novelists, we felt. 

6. Endless Memory

If you gonna learn one thing from this blog, it is  that there are "endless memory" you gonna encounter and amass in life. Julina, another IFLer, will shed and show how. 

Go read her blog, really. She writes some kind of series, too. Wonderful! 

7. Digital Chetra

I don't think his is an indie blog. You go check his out and you'll see. A great-designed website there. What I have know so far of him via his blog is that he is so Steve-jobed, tech-floating and a positive multi-knowledge man who shares "in bits and bytes". 

Chetra, another IFL grad (and now a lecturer there), also owns other two blogs, one a Think Tank, a kind of reference website for Cambodia and another his company website. Check out  his blog to learn more. 

I could include more blog in here, really, but my hand and head are catching laziness now. Trust me, there are more blogs out there, which I want to include, and which specially exist. 

The good news is those bloggers are mutual; and, by mutual, I mean they read and comment on each others' blog. So, on the above blogs, if you are willing enough to visit them, you'll be linked to others blogger who commented on the blogposts. 

Other indie Cambodian blogs you may wanto (want to) click: Warrior AngelThe Best Life Blogto infinityMy World vs. Real WorldCambodian Blog about Film and Life and more. 

You see, I could also have included these more-professional blogs by Cambodians too teplivina.comKhmerbirdblueladyblog. But, well, you can go through them via here, anyway. 

And, finally, this blog, mine. 

Finally if you have some good blogs to share, feel free to do so. Reading blogs is something, you know. And, not reading them is okay for me. :D

Good lucks and nice days, guys. 

Again, I have something more important to do, anyway. 

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  1. :-O oh my...
    Seriously, I do believe in life, immensely! haha
    I never know the term 'Indie Blog' before, so thanks for putting my blog in the box (I've been trying to categorize it for a while).
    This post is so informative, indeed. I can get to know more indie bloggers, as cool as you :)

    - self-acclaimed senior blogger

  2. lol,

    you're welcome, Prath. Indie blog sounds good, right?

    About your title, temporarily in effect. :p

  3. Awwww my blog was mentioned!!! Thank you a lotieeee :D

  4. okay, wild child. Have you stopped being wild now? lol ;p

  5. Nahhhh... I haven't, and will never. Being wild is seriously fun lol

  6. lol, you're back; yipee kayeh. lol

    ok, then, being wild then. lol