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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

How Much Does The World Care? A Lot and A Bit!

Or, not even a dime and a shit!

Yeah, how much does the world care about a single thing in this world? The amount of care shall be surprisingly unclear. It depends on what things are being watched, talked and concerned. 

The I-don't-understand amount of care on respective things might also seed many whies in your head.
The final Champion League match will sure lure streaming amounts of care and attention from people around the world and the world itself. Unlikely, "rape" in one specific area of the world, say India, might not be well and enough heard and talked of, though CNN, BBC or others big news bodies unveil it. 

That's cute and reasonable enough. 

Still how many out there are reading the issues and seriously  intervening the issue?

Well, I'm not questioning or ordering the world to give specific amount of care to specific various things in this world. It's impossible. 

The world is getting "I don't know what to term them, really." Wars in Syria and Egypt kill thousands and not enough shits are given and people continue to die and doubt. The Miley Cyrus's crude performances at VMA clouds the news.

As per my seeing and sensing, things of "chic and flashy" appearances easily make their ways into the vein of people's care and attention while things of "serious but important" and "less materialistically attractive" are having difficulties shoeing their lace and stepping in for attention. 

But, well, there are things we, respectively, care for and about. Family, education, love, on and on, and money, to some. 

And, we literally can't care for all the things happening in the world even if some of the things earn our anger and "I don't understand that shit".

If for one dream I have and want to come true, which is presumably impossible, that would be people of the world could live peacefully with one another, regardless of their skin colors and nationalities. 

Greed usually exist disgustedly as ambitions. 

It might be complicated here. What points am I making here? No, ideas. 

Let's end the note with something: Peace, not piece, is what we all want and we all die afterward; let's go to school and get educated and do something morally good and of good value to human's life. 

What do you care about, anyway? Keep caring hard for those "important" things and people. 

Good days and see you at the next post. Soon. In a month. Let's see!

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  1. You mean 'If the World have fingers like us, how many fingers would it give about things that going on?' Lol.

    Well, media is the key. I can't agree with you more that things don't have to be life-threatening or crucial to be overrated on the news (Ex: Justin Bieber, Miley Cirus...) That's why I don't watch TV anymore. lol

  2. Yeah, especially Khmer channel TVs.

    Sometimes, things that deserve attention and intervention go home with less attention and intervention and things that are dime turn out so ridiculously and awkwardly popular and mind-centered.

    Anyway, let's go back sporting, adventuring, movieing, reading and writing and daydreaming......more!

    1. haha daydreaming? I thought only women are capable for that :P

  3. LOL, I'm actually contributing to the "Gender equality" concept.

    FYI, according to Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, daydreaming is the starting point of new innovation. :D ;)