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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Rayuth's Sapoun-Midada Letter to Veronica


Do you find the following dates and places familiar? 

2006, December, Mondial Center, Building C, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

2007, February, 5: 45 PM, Royal University of Phnom Penh, Cambodia.'
2009, March, Sovanna Shopping Center, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

2 sweet years and later more different years.  

I hope you've been doing good and happy. Of course, you do. 

Back then, I was Nicholas Spark's reader. A huge one! After you left, I liked Sapoun Midada more. You inspired that, you know. 

The above openings ain't nothing of the gists. The following are, Veronica. I don't know if this letter will ever reach you or you will ever peruse through it. I have no ideas. We actually made it clear that day we no longer authorize the mutual rights to care any longer. Thank us we didn't ban writing that day.  

Everything is for you, and, yeah, they are for you. What I have done so far. Yet you turned neglecting, accusing me of being too much worthlessly caring. Your disclosure is clear: Everything was just passing shadows. They are trash and shine no meaning. 

That’s how love almost gives people heart attack. Person, like me, is lucky enough to survive to see you shine.

Everything is for love and I do have caressed our bonds. Whatever I was into, I put you first and digitalize for your future.You see none of them good and attentive and reluctantly wow, angrily, I was just making you feel bad and disvaluing your fine lady-ness.

Why that merciless thought towards me? I feel bad just like you.  For one wish, please God message you up: everything done is for you, not for me. I love you and that’ll never end. It starts to, I hope. 

Even you’re changing course, I will still be there waiting for you. Loving you forever….ever, ever!

Later in the near future, I hope, you’ll see and pause for thoughts. What had been done was for you. And all those memories might badden and madden your feels, just like then. That’ll hurt, mostly the insides, which I have experienced. And, you provided me that.

However, my heart will scan you within and beats for your comeback, which, I know, will happen if the Sun changes its rising direction into the west. If, again, miraculously, when you are here for my care and love, I will be heavenly sure we will embark on another love journey that there is only you.

Dreams will come true, they say, if we keep chasing them.As for me dreaming of you to come back here for another soft caring love, I feel like I’m chasing an impossible day-dream without no eyes.

Wish you, the girl I once loved, all the best. :)

The smiles express it all. Some people are meant to be in our heart, not our life.

Another smiles for you, moon.  :) 

The sun shines, no matter, huh!

Best wishes, 

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  1. lolzzz... first love which will never forget ? hahahahah.... you should write more touching than this !! :D

  2. Has ha, so this is just creative writing; at that time of writing this, the level of "touching" of this article only amassed to this level only.

    And, why do you lol over this article? :D

  3. Sad story but you laugh out loud....tov jeng tov. :D