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Monday, September 14, 2015

Life: Hey, You Can Do Better!

Dear  people,

There is actually this pain-in-the-ego irony some, if not all, of you are facing and, thus, needs clarification. As a youngster, you see adults as fun, joyful, and full of awesomeness; or sort of such. Once, you solemnly thought it would just be cool for you too when you reach that stage of life, wishing time would elapse fast, at double triple speed, into the future. So that, you who were once young, free, cheer-spirited, non-egoistic, and un-judgmental could, as adults, have the same things, embrace the same awesomeness, and feel the same coolness. After some years, which is reflectively fast in just several blinks of eyes, you’ve turned adults. Yay! Fun times with those awesome things you once longed for! Having co-existed with you along these sadappy (sad +happy) years, as a sublime form of existence (and perhaps of great significance to all of you), I am happy for you. As I am about to congratulate you, you step in, rival, and thrust a long list of painful complaints―some dramatic―into my face, which hurts my mouth and makes me solidly conceptualize that you are just a pain, not in the a-s-s, but in the face.

As a tool for revenge, I should bombard you with this long list of questions, which I suspect would degrade your current state of happiness―which, for some, might be already low. I would ask questions like: how are things going on with you, being adult?  How have you, as a well-behaved and good-hearted (as I conceptualize) adult been enjoying all the awesomeness? Don’t you have good, memorable times, and will have a lot more, with your girl/boyfriend, just as your older brothers, sisters, or relative once had when you were not caring at all about the future? And, how’s the job going? Aren’t you learning and at the same time getting to travel as much, and earning good amount of money from the so-called perfect job you love—just as, again, one of your maternal uncle had at the time you were just small, playing happily under the sunlight? Do I, uh, too have to mention the precious Lexus your father’s elder brother had, and which he had driven your cousins and you to school during your primary school days? Do you happen to like your own Lexus?  Do you want me to go on? For the calmness of your emotionality, and mine, I’d rather not. One final, though (and I’m sorry if you feel bad for this): how’s your heart? Perfect in its starting condition? Keep that to yourself!