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Monday, September 8, 2014

So Tell Me

There, are things growing in shape?

God, I miss a lot those dates. 
After all the time we're separate.

I'm fine with a complicated mind.
While you're there and I'm just behind.
And the sun doesn't seem to shine.

I try to run and reach to you.
I tried but feel like a fisher at a zoo.
I guess I must find some clues.
Now, tell me what I should do.

Should I stay, go or what?
If I stay, will you be bored?
If I go, will there be comfort?
By any chances, am I worth?
My mind finds mess and thoughts go short.

How long will I have to bear?
Leaving, I heard but don't yet dare.
These complications, I doubt, will float to where?
Apparently, to me, this seems like a nightmare.
I just hope we can forever still live, love, etc. in pair.
No matter what things turn out, I know you care.

So tell me!

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