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Friday, July 12, 2013

A 4-Minute Inspiration: A Piece of Chalk and An Infograpah

This gonna be a post in which I don't write much.

Check out the movie and feel the inspiration. 

Nice day to you all. That's life. The pic say it all.

Original: See the inforgraph

Something is going on and so does life.

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  1. Awesome short story!
    I got a question though. Have you been bullied lately? -,- (You're kinda too old to be bully). Okay, have you bullied others lately? Lol
    *kidding* I'm just messing around with you :P

  2. Has ha, it's funny when you come up with that question; very!

    Has ha, me get bullied at this age? What bully means, then? Neither of the scenario meet me, Wish. :D

    LOL, I just post and share this in hopes that people could be inspired and motivated after going through this post.

    Has ha, not many dare messing around with me, you know. They mess circles instead. LOL :p

    I thought you get married already after this quite a long time of no presence. LOL

    Welcome back to the net where we dump and waste our times. LOL

    Hope you've been doing good. Election is nearing here. Hope things are in better shapes and conditions.

    Well, honestly, don't have time to update a post on this "election" thing on the blog. Maybe, it has been virally contagious already on Facebook.