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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Can The Break-up Re-unite?

Can they, really? And literally? 

It's either over or not over! It depends. On? I don't know. 

One insists and begs while another doesn't even care if the love has not been finished. 

The heart still yearn, hungrily, for the re-unison! The shadows of love still come and go. The brain won't listen. Is there any ways they can be back together? 

Have you ever missed me for the droning time? 

I don't know; well, just to share you guys this melodious song from Zono.  Well, almost for a month this songs has been in my playlist.  

Check the song out, huh; still a better love song than any of Justin Beirber and 1D. LOL, kidding. 

Have fun listening to the song. 

In the end, love is still love; people philosophize various thoughts about it. Simple, here, huh: I don't know. Fight for your love or others will take it away. Time is there. You still matter, folks. 

Nice days and have fun living. 

PS. This post and the song is highly dedicated to those broken-hearted. Heal soon perhaps. And, when to cling and when to let go and move on can scratch total difference in your life. 

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  1. You're like a song interpreter or some sort? lol

    Well, by reading the title, I'm gonna say 'If it doesn't work out in the first place, why does it work now?' :) However, good luck to those who chose to try!

  2. When I see "1 comment", I hunch your comeback; and my hunch meets reality: you're back.

    Has ha, I'm not one. I just enjoying doing things like such. Hasha, maybe the first place is an experiment.

    Yeah, good lucks to them. :D