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Sunday, June 30, 2013

June 2013 Mini: 5 Songs That Make Life Less Miserable

June 2013 is not so good for me. Busy like heaven! To be honest, my life experiences another scattering mess. 

Bad things happened; yet life goes on. It's true with this: bad days, not bad life. 

You see, if not without technologically-smoothed entertainment, we would have dumped our head in the sand to just release stress that come in daily, like non-stoppedly. 

As for me, music is still the best remedy to cure stress and cut depression. Bored? Well, music on and the world is off. Relaxing will be on. 

Thanks to music, I'm alive again. And the followings, people, are what have been dragging my mood up during my so-called dark times. 

#1 Sovannreach's Want To Be Related To You

Hmm! Life is shit sometimes but, well, cool music like this one would beautify and wipe away the shit we face. Has ha, the song sounds cool. That's boy, huh! When in love, everything is possible. Good one, bro, Sovannreach! Thumbs up!

#2 Jay Park's JOAH

I can't help but like this song. Joah by Jay Park. You may have misread as "by Js Park". LOL! Jay Park is still him, huh! Yet this one is cooler. The music and his rapping. And the girl! Well, I'm looking for my JOAH too. LOL; kidding. :P See, when music puts you back in the mood. 

#3 Sineurn's 175 Days With Pain (You Left)

Honestly, this guy is "I don't know". But, this song of his, well, I'm sunk! What a meaningful song, huh!

#4 Virakyuth's I Just Can't Forget You; What Shall I Do?

So this song is another cool one. The MV is even better and heart-teaching. What a love story, huh! The man finally leaves the world to just resurrect his lover. This song is also on the last month's list. See, I haven't yet drop it from my playlist. That evidenced, how cool this song is. Its effects and melodiousness is still on. :P

#5 Selena Gomez's Come And Get It
When Selena surprises with her sexiness; A good song, here, though. 

There are actually more I have been listening to. RHM just released 3 albums; Sunday Production and Bigman Production, which I can't help but like. Well, I have just scanned through several but actually there are more I wanto (wanna) put in the list. Let's save some for next month then. 

Finally, good days to you all. Music is on again as it's time for exercising; it's good to feel some sweat. 

And, FYI, I will be off for long, which means posts are waited, blurrily, to be seen posted. I just hope I will be able to post more during next month. 

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