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Thursday, June 6, 2013

9 Things I Like About Blogging

Finally I've found ways back into blogging. There are more boring stuffs to deal with then. I know so because I've met and seen and done so. 

When I first started to sign up for a blog, this blog, in 2010, I thought many pessimistic thoughts, something like: "Dude, you know nothing about blogging!", "No one will read your damn blog and piece of writing." and etc. Worse, I found out this: it's not all about blogging and writing out and up your opinions--which I could deal since I can write--blogging is about blog designing too. The truth of which is that I can't write and speak any coding language. Not even a tag. Blogging doesn't stop, though. 


Blogging paused and, after a while, went on.  The journey furthered after March this year. I started to write more and learn. After this while, well, blogging is still neutral in me, but I feel something. Plus with that something, I learn something more.  In the following I'll show you 9 things I like about blogging. 

#1 Blogging gives chances for me to learn something new

Believe it or not, it's true. Like gestured above, I knew nothing, really, when I signed up for this blog. After the sign-up, there are more things to explore and that explorations vie me up for new knowledge ranging from coding knowledge--which I learn a bit, search engine optimization (SEO) things and how to maintain a blog, to mainly the blogging/web stuffs. I may not know much but well I learn and get to know. And, now I'm still improving and looking forward to learn something newer. And, who sees?, maybe I will be able to graph a professional website in the near future, using all coding knacks I pick up. That way, I salute Google. Also, sometimes I have learnt to edit pictures and how to write articles that attracts and benefits. 

#2 Blogging allows me to express myself.....more

I was quite active on Facebook before I oiled this blog. Posting and sharing status and pictures on Facebook were my online activities. Yet, at some points, I realized that there are some issues, which I shared on Facebook too, that need to be more expressively conveyed. Then, the thought of blogging arose and here we are. If you may notice from my previous blogposts, you would see not many of my posts here are neither short nor too feeling-based, which they are on my Facebook. In a conclusion, a blogpost is  more elaborate and opened than a Facebook stat. With blog, I actually can whistle my voice around any topics I wanna express my thought on. 

#3 Blogging even let me broadcast myself...

Linked to the above point! Not even just to express myself. Blogging gives me a platform where I can broadcast myself, especially via my writing. 

# 4 Blogging makes me think....
One doesn't simply write without thinking, you know. Sometimes I have this tendency to think of topic to write for my blog despite the blurred vision and belief that not many are gonna read what I write. A blogger friend (she prefers being addressed as 'senior blogger' as she blogs months ago before I do), Prathna, has this weirder symptom: writing is addictive; one you're in it, you can't drop it, on which at first I busted out laughing. Is this so? Well, now I started to feel infected. And, simple: when one thinks, one thinks. The ideas would take adventures and there are good unimaginable thoughts. And, I hope, my dear readers, there will be more things written based on my humble ideas and knowledge that I will share with you. 

# 5 Blogging allows me to sharpen my writing....

If you may have heeded, you would have seen that I like to write. Well, I write quite often. And, to be really sharp in writing, my friends, write more and often. To blog, to me, is to write and to write is a way to sharpen one's writing skills. Whenever I blog, I usually have this tendency to use more creative (and those that I want to use even if they don't yet exist) language, words and phrases. You might have noticed that. Also, I stick my brain to the idea of impressivising my writing; mainly writing with clear purposes and providing knowledge to readers. I hope I have done so. 

#6 Blogging reduces boredom....

How? I would have asked some bloggers to cover this point. I might not be the one appropriate. You see, when I read others' blog, I learned some posts expressing the bloggers' feeling and they are blogging just to coax their boredom/stress away. Personally, I have no ideas about that but once I tried; the result was quite, like, near what had been expressed. This one time, in April, I was this thumb-y bored, I logged in this blog, wrote something. The boredom and other bad mind conditions lose their effects. Maybe, when we are focusing on writing for a blogpost, our brain has less time to think or cling on to those boredom and stress. You should try to see maybe. 

#7 Blogging keeps me reading....

Again, how? Perhaps, it's an idiosyncrasy of mine. Personally, I believe and sense the mighty link between writing and reading. To really write, one needs to keep reading and reading. For? Well, reading expands one's knowledge and broadens one's language capacity (word choices, ideas presentation, phrasing, etc).  To blog well, read more. Maybe you stumble upon one thing, along your reading, that sparks your thoughts and you may wanna drop and voice a blogpost about that something. This point is vice versa: blogging keeps me reading and reading boosts me blogging. 

#8 Blogging makes me more friends....

Let's lol over this. It's true, damn. When it comes to blogging, I mean all your activities that surround blogging are counted in; commenting on others' blog, for example, and with that I start to make friends, though digitally and via distance. There are actually now several, if not some, people with whom I have digitally befriend via blogging. It feels good, a bit, to know new people and their things. 

#9 Blogging links me and Cambodia to the world...

It might not be true, yet from the "audience" records, I found that there are people from other countries than from Cambodians that have clicked my blog. Not only will I be linked (shared my stories) to the world, but also I will be able to share Cambodian things and stuffs to the world. If you may have read, I have been writing about Cambodia music in several posts; you may check this and this and this out. Hopefully, there will be more stuffs to be shared from this little grown-up teenager. 

Well, I don't expect to have written this far. But, well, again, an example of how blogging makes me think and write. 

The above points doesn't necessarily, though,  show that I'm blogging-addictive. After a while, actually, I seem to have managed to personalize blogging. Simply, I have my own rules in blogging and I know full well what I'm doing and when I shall blog. After all, blogging is just something. 

My last word: it's cool, somehow, to run a blog, but, well it won't get you asphyxiated if you don't have one. And, if you have one, do it your styles, and that you don't have one shouldn't bother those who have one.  

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