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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Legend, Back in Business!

I actually miss him. Quite a lot! Not that "miss" but, well, I just wanna see him back in business, just like in his past time. His voice and legency! His self-composed music that incorporates his lyrical love life with well-crafted lyric. I miss the above album; the songs, actually. Believe me or not (it's your choice), I can still hum and mouth out most of his songs. I listen more, though. That, anyway, doesn't mean I'm too cooed-up on him. Just a singer than whom I happen to outlike other singers in town. 

If my brain still runs, I remember posting here on this blog a post about this guy. Hmm, I featured some of his best hit songs from the past, then. And, now I'm gonna drop more of his songs, his comeback ones in his new album at Rasmey Hangmeas, a mighty music production company in Cambodia. I have, in fact, been dating myself with those new tracks of him and, alas, love and I are on the edge to collapse. I guess you'll like his too since they are lyrical and well-crafted. Not yet to mention the sweet melodies. The music get already set and we shall grab it, huh. 

Here is the cover of his return and comeback album. RHM CD Audio 476. The guy in glasses is him. And, for non-Cambodia readers, his name, by the way, is Sapoun Midada. 

Midada's comeback album

In this album, Midada, the guitar guru, melts your soul with five songs. 

and lastly this one that I listen to more

How are his comeback, huh? I hope you share my interest. Never mind if you don't. We are two different persons.:p

Have a nice day, people. Do what you should and have to. :)

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  1. also admired his originality. He was quite famous while I was there.

    so this is what you're doing during ur lunch break huh? listening to his songs... :D

  2. kind of, hes he. a little relaxing help clears my mind, huh. you so sure, huh, that I'm working? lol

    lol, my hunch is right: you will be back. lol :p

    1. lol I'm sure, my woman's instinct told me so :P

    2. your woman's instinct, this time, works wrong. :D

    3. -_- oh dang it! I shall train it more (to get to the next level) lol