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Friday, May 10, 2013

Legend, Off the Field....

The unexpected just happened;  The meaning of the "Hope for the best; expect the worse." is now literally flying in. LOL, keep reading, people! :p        

I just can't still believe my ears and rely upon my eyes. He's to be off; perhaps it's time to relax. Personally, yet, I still wanna see him lead and rock. The legend will be apart and there will be not much of him to be heard of---well, at least not like the time he rocked. Yet, surely, there is much of him to be remembered. 

The previous day I was writing a post titled Legend, Back in Business and now another post concerning the legend. Not the same legend, people. Another legend whose masterpieces can't be pieced off and ignored. Well, one may either hate him (because he hurt your favorite team) or label him a cheat, but you can't well ignore and deny the fact that he's a legend who has changed and influenced the football world. 

Sir Alex Ferguson, aka SAF and Fergie, is one of the best leading, thus respected, football coach and manger in the world. The iconic Scott manager who has rocked and electrified the football world since his careers as Man Utd's manager has just announced his retirement that is to be executed at the end of this 2012-2013 season and the news set the whole world on awe and string up the mixed feeling of awe and appreciation . How can you not appreciate his works of 26-7 years with so many trophies and fames (yeah with an and headlines? Well, I guess the world is just losing the weight of thrill it's gonna experience. My mind turns rather sad and shocked at the announcement of his retirement which will come into effects at the end of this year Barclay Premier League season.  

I have always been interested in football and paid a great deal of enthusiasm to it. I play and watch and learn from it. And, Man Utd is my fav team. And, I shall thank the legend for his (near-) excellent result-focused managerial leadership. Why? While other football clubs have sacked managers and changed, this legendary senior being is still standing and pushing the Red forward, painting the history of many trophies and achievement for the team and drawing an essential  line in global football graph. 

The moment I learned the news I thought that was just a trolled joke. How come? The Red just claimed another BPL title and SAF just hinted several signings. Then, his retirement news jogged up. That's life. LOL :)

In fact, I'm not the one to have emoted some kind of feeling and reaction upon hearing of his retirement. I was one in the world. It (the news) actually doesn't chill me that a lot; well, just another special simple piece of news. 

For my last words and concerns (not corners), I hope to see the Red keeps going good and good-er (yeah, not better!) though without guru-ic SAF. Let's just see how things will go under the supervisory management and coaching of David Moyes, who knows how to leave his former club, Everton FC. And special: let's, too, just pray Man Utd is working toward Man Utd. 

Glory Manchester! 

United, heh, City fans! 

And, with all due respects, I salute your decision, Sir SAF! Enjoy the rest, Sir! Our blood is RED! :)

Unless and until we die! 

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