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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Happy Birthday to You, Bro!

The sun was scorching, bathing us, upper-naked, soaked with sweat. The dust might have flown in our nostrils and our skins must have been buffalo's. Still, we ran and hopped and played! That's some 15 years ago.

We galloped around and went  scavenging things around the neighborhood and we get tired and dirty; our mum lectured.....sometimes along with hits. That's cute, still. :)

We argued, yelled, fought, cheated and collapsed, yet the bond still live and breath........eternally forever.

And, now we smile and shoulder up and live. :)

Happy birthday to you, my man. Best wishes, bro! :P

The whole family (and world) know you're genius and, well, you are. Keep being the genius, bro. 

Happy birthday to you, my bro. 
Genius you are and the world treasure that truth.
Wish you all the best things in the world. 
Keep up your good works and spirits too. 

Happy birthday to you, my bro. 
And may Buddha bless you.
will all his sacred blessings. 
And, I hope you soar higher through. 

Happy birthday to you, my bro. 
And, you know what, you're awesome through.
And, please, keep playing that awesome. 
You'll be great.....great and we trust YOU. 


PS. I miss us playing things in the childhood. And, don't forget to do your homework.

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